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Using Promotions on your Facebook Page to Attract New Clients

According to research from ExactTarget, 58% of Facebook users expect to receive discounts or promotions when they ‘like’ a business page. Now the social media giant has made it simple for your practice to offer those people what they want with Facebook Coupons!

This new feature allows a local business such as your practice to create coupons to share on your timeline. At no cost!

How to Create a Facebook Coupon

Only business pages that are categorized as a ‘local business’ have access to the new feature. In other words, in your page’s settings, under ‘Basic Information’, your page category needs to be set to ‘Local Businesses & Places’, and an appropriate sub-category must be specified. Unless you are a local business, you won’t have access to the new feature.

Once you designate your Facebook page as local business, you will have the new functionality on the normal composer tool on your page’s timeline. The first time you click to create an offer, a tour of the new functionality will launch.

Anatomy of a Facebook Coupon

  • Headline: The headline is basically the main offer. Think of it as a call-to-action, and use strong language that clearly explains what the value of the offer is for the user.  Facebook recommends providing a discount of at least 20% off or more for the best performance.
  • Thumbnail: You can also upload an image with your offer, which is displayed with the offer text as a 90 x 90 pixel thumbnail. For best results, upload a square image that won’t get cropped when Facebook resizes it to fit the thumbnail. Facebook also recommends using an image that represents the product/service you’re promoting — or people using that product/service — rather than your company logo.
  • Redemption Limit: You can choose to limit the number of coupons that can be redeemed by choosing a number from the dropdown, or you can make it ‘Unlimited’.
  • Expiration Date: You can also specify the day on which the offer will expire. Facebook recommends giving people at least a few days to find and claim the offer. This also allows you to leverage word-of-mouth promotion, since you’ll be giving fans enough time to share the offer among their friends, and for those friends to claim and redeem it.

The advantage of Facebook’s new feature is obvious. Now, a practice will easily be able to connect its Facebook presence with its return on investment, since Facebook offers will allow it to directly attribute certain sales with specific Facebook campaigns.

To get the most out of these offers, you should leverage other Facebook tools such as pinning the offer to the top of your timeline to promote them organically, and consider Facebook advertising efforts such as Sponsored Stories to attract more attention to your offers.

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