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The Future of the Internet – 2015 Infographic


The internet is a ever-changing organism of information. Now that I think about it, it is probably the closest thing to a non-living living thing that we have today. (It makes sense in my head) What I mean is that the internet grows, heals, breaths and adapts just like a living organism.

The Internet has changed a lot over the last few years and it will continue to morph into something new! Here is an infographic with a prediction of what the internet will look like in 2015.


InternetIn2015 infographic

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Tyler is a graduate of Bethel University and was added as the Director of Public Relations in 2013. With a background in Non-Profit and Public Relations, Tyler enjoys refining his communication skills while working toward a “Big-Picture” purpose. In addition to staying on the cutting edge of communication, he does his best to see the person in every interaction. If you were to sit and have a conversation with him you would likely discuss a variety of diverse topics from tattoos to your ideal super power. You can follow Tyler at Google+

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