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Social Media Month Roundup

As we say goodbye to the month of September I wanted to compile some of the resources that we have provided into one place. Last month we focused on social media and how to make this free resource work for you instead of pouring hours into it without any return. So feel free to look around at these helpful resources!

Ebook: Utilizing Social Media in Your Practice
Case Study: Social Media Case Study
Interview: President of Netgain Hosting, Scott Warzecha

Top Blog Articles of the Month:
Not Impressed with iOS 7. Well, Mostly Not Impressed. OK, Sort of Impressed
With the recent release of Apple’s new iPhone operating  system, iOS 7, Deacon wanted to look at the design elements of the aesthetic change.
“As design flows through my veins, I’ll be shedding light on my take on the new iOS 7.”
– Deacon Ales

The Impact of Technology on Your Social Media
I wrote this article on our mothership blog, about how the changing technology will impact our communication, specifically our social media use.

The Future of the Internet – Infographic Projection of 2015
The Internet has changed a lot over the last few years and it will continue to morph into something new! Here is an infographic with a prediction of what the internet will look like in 2015

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