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Put the Juice in your Healthcare Blogging

When blogging expert, Britt Bravo was asked at a recent national conference what her best piece of advice for creating a memorable blog post was she replied, “Make it juicy”. Medical professionals present came expecting a more technical approach to healthcare social media, but left glad they had been reminded of the essence of a great blog post.

There’s something to the word “juicy” that sums up everything that should be in your blog: the word itself inspires emotion and images, just like every post should. Valuable content that makes a lasting impression, like a ripe orange, gives visitors a taste for knowing more about you and your practice.
Key ingredients to making a blog post “juicy” include:

1. Plan

A good blog has a plan. That doesn’t mean that you have to draft a 365-day calendar and stick to it, but the first step is to ask why your practice needs a blog. Think of three real people who represent your ideal readers. What blog content would be valuable and interesting to them? By keeping your patients and prospects front and center you will always write content they will care about.

2. Don’t Be Dry

If “juicy” sums up what a blog should be, “dry” reminds you of exactly what it should not be. Technical data about some new procedure has its place but not in your blog. It is important to write in such a way people know you as both a physician and a person. Find your voice and make what you have to say engaging and compelling.

3. Have an Attractive Gate

Internet readers skim. Your title gets a quick glance and then it takes less than three seconds for them to decide if they want to spend their time reading further. Great graphics serve as gateways to the content of a post. They are the hook that encourages people to read. When choosing graphics, take your time and pick carefully. The title and lead graphic are worth the time given to make them meaningful.

4. Activate Readers

Blog posts should always encourage action. An engaging blog post should be thought-provoking. Be passionate about what you do and encourage passion in your followers. Ask good questions. Encourage followers to tell you what they think and need.

5. Share

Once you have a blog, it’s time to start sharing the posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and, if you have a compelling image with each post, even on Pinterest. Get creative. Look for a way to exchange posts with a colleague in a different field. Invite someone to do a guest blog post on your site and wait for offers to do the same.

6. Be Consistent

Not every blog post is going to go viral. But creating a library of posts is crucial to building a blog’s reputation and writing posts is the only way to get more established in the universe known as the blogosphere.

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