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Marketing Healthcare Services in 5 Simple Steps

Marketing healthcare services can often seem overwhelming.  Especially if you get hung up on the millions of different ways to go about it.  A great way to start is with simplicity in mind.  And as long as we are measuring our efforts, we can always start simple and improve over time.  Today we will look at the 5 simple steps to follow in marketing your healthcare services.

1.  Search Engine Optimization and Quality Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably one of the most misunderstood industries on the web.  Marketers are overwhelmed with offers form SEO firms promising top spots on Google for low fees.  But if you take a step back and actually think about what it means to have a top spot on Google, you will quickly realize it has nothing to do with a low fee.

Google is in the business of providing quality search results for it’s users.  Period.  If Google doesn’t have quality search results, people will stop using them and their ad revenue will vanish.  So put yourself in Google’s shoes.  What makes for a good search result?  This is when you are supposed to say, “quality content!”  Of course, everybody wants quality content when they search on Google.  So when considering SEO, think to yourself, “if I was searching for this phrase on Google, what result would I want to see in the results?”  Then create the content!  It’s that easy.  Now of course the content should be structured correctly so Google knows what it is about and who published it.  But the structure won’t matter if you don’t first have the quality.

2.  Email Marketing

SEO will drive traffic to your site.  Once you have visitors to your site, you want to keep them coming back.  Good old email marketing remains the single most effective method for creating repeat visitors to your site.  Email marketing is also very straight forward when you have the right tools in place.  The right email marketing tools will make your email marketing efforts a pleasure.  Of course you will want to follow best practices to avoid destroying your campaign.  And we also have an ebook on that.

3.  Social Media

Second to email in driving return visits is social media.  Social media can also extend your brand recognition through word of mouth as your advocates share your great content (remember step 1) with their network.  There are some great books on how to leverage healthcare social media including one of our own.  There is no secret sauce to social media.  Much like SEO it is important to keep in mind how can you provide value.  If you are already creating great content for your site, you naturally have something of value to share on social media.

4.  Design for Conversions

In the end it is all about generating patient leads from your healthcare marketing efforts.  And the process of generating leads is what we call conversions.  Conversions happen because your site is generating traffic and your site is well designed to present comfortable conversion opportunities to the visitors.  Growing your email list through website conversions will be one of the best marketing goals you could ever establish.  Self built email lists are incredibly valuable when it comes to consistently generating new business.

5.  Measure, Measure, Measure

Can you tell me how many new and unique leads your site generated last week?  When was your last email campaign?  What was the click through rate (CTR), conversion rate (CR), and return visit rate (RVR)?  How many visits are you getting from your social media efforts?  How many links or shares are you getting from social media?  Would a site redesign help your conversions or should that budget go towards more content?  If you don’t have the answers to those questions within easy reach, you probably don’t have the right measurement tools in place.

With the proper tools and best practices in place, each of these 5 steps to healthcare marketing are very simple to follow.  The key is getting the right tools and practices in place.  If it ever seems overwhelming, let us help.

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