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Lead Nurturing

If you have been effectively marketing your site online you are probably running into one of the same issues many medical practices face. And that is

What to do with all the leads?

With an effective online campaign you can start to see your list of email addresses for prospective patients grow by 100s of names per month. Now what do you do with all those names? Do you send them all the same email blast? Do a lot of them fall through the cracks in your system? What about the ones that return to your site the most? Do you treat them differently?

That’s where lead nurturing comes in. We know you don’t have the time to segment all these email addresses into groups and send out targeted emails to each group. That is why we built a software platform to:

  • Track the lifetime of a lead
  • Score the lead based on likeliness to buy
  • Market to the lead with relevant timely information based on their actions and preferences

Start Nurturing Your Leads For More Patients Through the Door

Our Lead Nurturing package builds directly off our SEO Pro package and is a natural step in the process as your website begins driving traffic and creating leads. To get started with nurturing the leads from your site, fill out the form below.

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