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Interview with the President of Netgain Hosting, Scott Warzecha

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Scott Warzecha, the founder and president of Netgain Hosting. Mr. Warzecha founded Netgain in 2000 to deliver proactive IT services that would increase organizational productivity and decrease IT cost. “Purchasing new servers every … Continue reading

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Interview with KevinMD: His New Book and Healthcare Social Media

With a new book on the way, we were thrilled and honored to conduct an email interview with social media’s leading physician voice KevinMD.  His new book Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians … Continue reading

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Interview with Dr. Russell Faust on Healthcare Social Media

Recently we had the opportunity to interview Russell Faust, MD, PhD about social media and his involvement with healthcare social media.  Dr. Faust is an award-winning physician-scientist, author, and entrepreneur; he is co-founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer for Anicca Media, LLC.   Here are some … Continue reading

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Day in the Life Profile of Social Media Thought Leader: Dr. Bobby Ghaheri

I’m interested in what makes an entrepreneur tick, why shoulder all that responsibility?  Why would a person take on such financial risk?  I myself never became an entrepreneur.  I was about to try it once and then ran for the … Continue reading

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Interview with Dana Lewis: Moderator and Founder of #HCSM Chat

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dana Lewis who is a health and digital strategist at Seattle’s Swedish Medical Center as well as the moderator and founder of the weekly Healthcare Social Media chat session on Twitter.  We chatted about … Continue reading

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