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Ideas for Using Pinterest as Part of your Healthcare Social Media

Many retailers, artists, and trend setters are beginning to use Pinterest as a major platform to show off their products, their work, or their style. But service providers like Cosmetic surgeons are still trying to decide if the time required for yet one more social media channel is worth it.

Here are a few reasons this is one spoke in your Healthcare Social Media wheel that may be the simplest to use and reap benefits you never imagined:

  • Almost no learning curve
  • Doesn’t require you to create anything to begin using
  • Major demographics exactly match yours.

Part of the beauty of Pinterest is that you don’t have to create all these images yourself — you can relevant images from other sources. If you’ve ever thought “Pinterest seems interesting, but I can’t figure out a way to make it work for my practice,” then this article is for you.

Here are six real-life content ideas to get you started:

Face and Heart of your Practice

Sometimes it can be difficult for a business or medical practice to show the human side of their brand. Put your face or better yet, your coworkers’ faces on a pinboard that shows off the people who work at your practice. You can build empathy and trust by showing prospects a glimpse of the men and women “behind the walls of your clinic”.


Lots of marketing, social media, and B2B companies first looked to infographics as their entryway into Pinterest. Given infographics combination of intriguing stats with beautiful design, they are a natural fit for Pinterest. It took me exactly 15 seconds to find this infographic and then another 10 seconds to pin it with a link that will lead people to my site.

Cartoons and Comics

Pinterest contains cartoons, drawings, and photos that relate to small business owners, physicians, and social media practitioners by allowing us to laugh at ourselves. The popularity of these boards is proof that the best marketing often doesn’t feel like marketing at all. Of course, your fans, followers, and clients want actionable tips and valuable information. But that doesn’t mean every interaction with your brand has to feel like homework. You may find that some occasional playfulness will increase engagement and readership of your harder-hitting pieces.


General Electric’s inspirational quote board “That’s genius!”  is a collection of quotes from GE’s founder, Thomas Edison. But your company doesn’t have to be founded by an Edison to use great quotes.  Check out Pinterest’s Prints & Posters category to get started. I suggest starting with a theme — innovation or perseverance are two popular ones. You can even build a pinboard around one of your practice’s value propositions – beauty is timeless, for example.

Best Practices and Tips

You can use the same tips you might list in blog post format for Pinterest by coupling those tips with an image. Remember, your pin will link back to its source on your website or blog, so your Pinterest board can be another source of web traffic. Some bloggers have discovered that Pinterest is driving a lot of traffic to their sites. In this sense, Pinterest can be another point of entry to your blog or website.

Customer Content

You can “tag” a Pinterest user in a pin, repin, or description if you follow at least one of their boards? That means you can ask your patients to tag your practice in one of their pins. And that means you can then repin that content to one of your boards. It’s like having a conversation, only with images.

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