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Healthcare Social Media Week in Review: April 1, 2012

Great Challenges: Which health issues are overhyped, overlooked?

You may have heard of TEDMED’s Great Challenges Program. Twenty of the biggest health issues facing the world are chosen each year at the annual TEDMED gathering. Those twenty topics then become the focus of TEDMED discussions throughout the year. Here is a taste of some of the most exciting things from the Great Challenges advocates at this year’s conference. Read More.

John Luginbill

3 reasons why a physician’s online reputation is essential

Online reputation isn’t just about looking for angry patients who slam you on a review site. It’s about between visit patient care and focusing your practice. Read More.

Julie James

Aza Raskin’s health revolution handbook

In 2010 Aza Raskin co-founded Massive Health and promised “beautiful products” that would sit in users’ pockets and give them “deep insight” into their own health-determining behaviors. Raskin will be speaking about his current pursuits in September at Medicine X 2012. Here is a taste of some of the big ideas this Silicone Valley talent has in store. Read More.

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