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Google+ and “Search, Plus your World”

Since the introduction of Google+, Google has been redefining how it provides more relevant search results. As we pointed out a few weeks ago in How Google+ Can Improve your Medical SEO Presence, this newcomer to social media offers a definite and obvious SEO edge over its competitors.

For a quick primer on Google+ and your practice take a look at:

Yet One More Advantage

Google recently introduced Search, Plus Your World or what some are calling, Google social search. This enhancement causes Google+ content to be highlighted in Google Searches making it even more compelling to have a Google+ profile and business page.

When logged into Google+ and searching on Google, Search, Plus Your World defaults to “Show Personal Results”. Google has always shown personalized results based on browsing history and location. What has changed is that content shared with you through the Google+ social network is being incorporated into results.

The goal is to provide hyper-personalized results to users. Because of this weighted social search signals, such as the + button are influencing search results like never before. Pages and people your prospects have circled are going to show up in Google search results making it more important than ever to build your audience on Google+.

What you Need to Do

Get Circled with Related Pages and People

Building a large following requires promoting your Google+ page. To appear prominently in Google’s Search, Plus Your World, you need to be circled by as many potential prospects as possible. One of the best ways to expand your field of prospects who have circled you is by appearing in Google’s Related People and Pages. Google says the best way to accomplish this is to :

  • Fill out your profile
  • Post about your favorite topics
  • Appear in search results

Ian Laurie, Internet marketing blogger and founder and CEO of Portent, Inc., says, “Google’s far more likely to show a plus box for broad concepts with low commercial intent versus niche terms with high commercial intent”.  This stresses the need to remember the 80/20 rule of good social media. Postings about people and events will do you more good than going too heavy on Ad-oriented posts.

Build Authority First

The +1 button offers weight to a practice that presents itself as an authority in the field. Focus on gaining attention on Google+ with consistently valuable content. +1s are a signal to Google search that your link is relevant to searchers.


The Bottom Line: There are a number of articles on the net these days predicting an early demise for Google+. Much of this is based on the fact that users spend a great deal less time on Google+ than Facebook. But as in many things raw numbers don’t always give the whole picture.

A typical Facebook user tends to wander around checking out photos, games, apps, and a world of other things. Google+ users, however, tend to focus on specific circles of users with similar interests.

Google+ users do spend fewer minutes on the social media tool but they tend to spend more focused time. This is why Search, Plus Your World is so vital in making Google+ work for you. Google+ users are looking for specific content that stands out.

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