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Why the 2.0 Doctor’s Social Media Strategy Must Include Google+

One of our goals at MDWebPro is to help you stay ahead of the curve in your Inbound Internet Marketing Strategy.  With the merging of SEO and social media you can’t afford to ignore any emerging channel through which prospects might find you. That is why the 2.0 Doctor’s social media strategy must include Google+.

In a recent press release Google announced its newcomer to the social media world, Google+, already has 90 million users.  While those numbers are a fraction of Facebook’s 800 million users they are still astounding considering Google+ is just seven months old.  That 90 million is more than double where Google stood October 2011.

Two Factors About Google+ That Can’t Be Ignored:

Rapid Growth

Experian predicts the challenger to Facebook will reach 400 million users by the end of this year. The pace at which Google has been adding features to its social media engine back that prediction up. Consider the evolution seen in just over half a year:

Google’s “BIG PICTURE” Plan

Google has announced its intent to track the activities of users across nearly all of its holdings.  Users of Gmail, YouTube, and Google Search will not be given the option to opt out. The plan applies to all of its services with the exception of Google Books, Google Wallet, and the Chrome web browser.

Google will also require all new signups to Gmail to also create a Google+ account. Until now, anyone desiring to register with Gmail, YouTube, or other Google products was required to provide an existing email address or sign up for a Gmail account. With this announcement, Gmail registrants are required to provide their name, birthday, and gender. Once this information is entered, a Google+ account is automatically setup for the new signups.

 Why a 2.0 Doctor Should Pay Attention to the Growth of Google+

Because Google has so many different platforms the cumulative effect for SEO will be more evident as time goes by. Google+ is changing the web in ways that are just now being realized.

Google has been collecting most of this information for some time. But now it is combining data from across its diverse sites to create a unified portrait of its users. The changes enable Google to tailor its ads better to individual users’ tastes. If someone lives in Dallas and views a YouTube clip about plastic surgery they may find an ad for a cosmetic surgeon’s practice located in Dallas in the next Gmail they receive.

Google+ is obviously impacting search, but it’s also giving Google the leverage it needs to dominate the web. Even if just for the search component, plastic surgeons cannot afford not to join the Google+ parade. If you have not already done so, now is the time to get a Google+ business page going to take advantage of the search engines clout.

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