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Trends in MD Web Design

With web technologies evolving rapidly it’s hard to imagine that some medical practices have the websites that look like they were designed in the 1990s. That may not seem long ago, but in Internet terms it’s ancient!

Many plastic surgeons are waking up to the latest trends in MD web design and making some important changes. Here are some hallmarks of older and trend setting web sites along with 24 of the best “new-look” medical web sites around.

The Old

1. Small Website Width Resulting In:

  • The feeling you’re in the 90′s.
  • The info is presented in an inefficient manner and the pages look cluttered.
  • No place for important info on the website home page.
  • Losing prospects and patients who don’t want to dive deep into the content but look for quick info on the home page.

2. Usage of Small Fonts Resulting In:

  • Unfriendly to first time visitors.
  • Difficult for aged people to read.
  • Less accent on significant information.

3. Non-professional, Small-cut Photos and Images

Modern creative websites have large spaces and easy access to information. The result is they are much easier to navigate than old style sites.

The New

Search area - Search area is vital. That means easy access to the needed information.

A Large and Easy to Find Button to Request an Appointment – If your ultimate goal is to convert visitors into patients then make it easy for them to make an appointment. Making it difficult for potential clients to find contact information and some quick way to request an appointment is a big mistake.

Testimonial Area – Patient testimonials are your best advertisement possible. When someone visits your site they need to be reassured and given a sense of belonging with your clinic. Nothing accomplishes this better than real people talking about what you have done for them.

Phone Number – Don’t put that number in the bottom corner in a tiny font. The reason companies like AT&T and your local cable company do this is because they don’t want you calling them. They are doing their best to force you to use their web based contact forms or chat sessions. This is not the goal for you as a plastic surgeon. A prominent phone number lets visitors know you want them to call.

Quick Links - Quick links to physical health, healthy living, women’s health, and frequently requested patient and visitor information should be on your main page.

Large Multilevel Menu on Top – A large multilevel at the top of your home page that gives access to as many sections as possible is a must.

Community engagement – The link to your blog should be prominent on the home page. Even better, integrate it into the main menu on top. Remember, web sites are for information; blogs are for conversation. Both work together.

Examples of Trend Setting New-Style Medical Web Sites

·         University of Illinois Medical Center

·         Doctorsofusc

·         Flag Staff Medical Center

·         MedHelp

·         CSMC

·         Concentra

·         BMC

·         LexMed

·         Seattle Childrens

·         HolyreDeemer

·         Health Angle

·         lrmc

·         GapMedics

·         Shs-Nutrition

·         Intermountain Healthcare

·         Med.Cornell

·         Clevel And Clinic

·         Jefferson Hospital

·         Mobridge Hospital

·         Valley Med

·         Mountnittany

·         Childrens

·        Kumed

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