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The Social Media Doctor: Maximizing your Facebook Business Page

To become a social media doctor rather than a physician who happens to use social media, you must understand the dynamics of what makes a Facebook Business Page work. Facebook is the prevailing social networking site with a minimum base of 160 million U.S. visitors each month accounting for 90 percent of the total time spent on all social networking sites.

Facebook has come a long way from Mark Zuckerberg and friends wanting to check out girls on campus. With 800 million users worldwide it has become a place where consumers and providers exist on somewhat equal ground. Users direct the flow of conversation and create brand consciousness never envisioned in old models of marketing. We use platforms like Facebook to share our love for brands or let a business know when its customer service has failed us.

Maximizing your Facebook business page begins with understanding how its basic sections can best be used.

The Wall

The Facebook Business Page wall serves as a town meeting hall for fans, friends, patients and critics alike to interact with you and each other. They can post comments, questions, and other feedback. Just as in all social media, conversation is the goal. There are four main ways followers can interact on your wall.

  • Posts: Facebook users can post content to your Pages’ wall. They can offer a brief review, complain, ask a question – just about anything. They can even post photos. When a follower of your business page posts on your wall, that action is also recorded on their personal profile wall. That is when things can begin to go viral. When wall posts begin to receive a substantial number of likes and comments, those wall posts show up in other users “News Feeds”.
  • Comments: Comments are reactions to and observations about wall posts. As you and your fans respond to these comments, a conversation is born.
  • Likes: When someone “likes” a wall post they are offering their approval. To most Facebook users that translates into an “I agree”.
  • Recommendations: One of the newest features on Facebook is the opportunity to leave recommendations on a Business Page. In order to take advantage of this, you do have to add a small applet on your web site or blog. This takes less than 5 minutes and opens up a whole new channel for expanding the reach of your business page efforts.

There are two potential audiences for branded content on Facebook: those who have explicitly “liked” your page or posts and friends of those users. The easiest to reach with social media brand are obviously those who are following your page. But, Friends of those Fans also represent a significant organically expanding audience. Friends of Fans represent a much larger set of consumers and can receive social media brand impressions via their Friends.

Friends of your business page Fans that end up seeing your brand ranges up to 35 times greater than the total number of your Fans.

The News Feed

Users spend nearly 30% of their time on Facebook reading and interacting with their Facebook Newsfeed. In fact, 4% of all the time spent on all Internet activity in the United States involves reading Facebook news feeds. And, users are 40-150 times more likely to see branded content in the Newsfeed than by visiting your Fan Page itself.

Social media doctors understands this and respond by reacting to important items in their business News Feed thus getting their wall posts featured in others’ News Feeds.


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