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The 2.0 Doctor and SEO: Gaining Leverage through Google+

If there was any other name before that “+” you might be able to pass on using the newest player in the social media world. But you can’ afford to! Google+ is already a game changer for medical professionals intent on employing Doctor 2.0 SEO for their Internet efforts.

There is a definite SEO advantage for serious users of Google+. Here are some things you can learn from them to leverage the power of Google+ for your Internet marketing efforts.

Get as Many Followers as Quickly as you Can

A general rule is that social media should not primarily be a numbers game. Here at MD Web Pro, we constantly stress quality before quantity. But if you are going to leverage Google+ to improve your SEO it is important to get as many followers as possible as soon as possible.

So why the hurry? The SEO value of blog posts linked in Google+ comments are higher than those that are not. Simply put, Google is giving added weight to content linked to and from within Google+. The more Google+ followers you have the more chances of having content on your blog linked within Google+. To gain more followers as quickly as possible:

  • Put a link to your Google+ profile on your web site and blog.
  • Include a link to your Google+ profile anywhere others will allows it: forum profiles, other social media profiles, email signatures, etc…
  • Put a Google+ badge on your website.
  • Link to your Google+ profile from comments you leave on other blogs.
  • Share your Google+ link with your followers in other social media channels.

Establish Authorship through your Personal Profile

Google+ offers something Facebook does not. You can standout by claiming authorship for articles you have written. That authorship will show for people doing searches even when not logged into Google+. Setting up authorship can be done two ways:

  • Put your email on every page of your content and list that email address on your Google+ profile.
  • Link your content to your Google+ profile.

Once you have linked content you can then use the authorship request form to alert Google that you have completed the process. In the coming days we will have more detailed instructions on how to accomplish this.

Directly Connect Your Business Page

To do this you can either add a simple code that is invisible to visitors to your web site or you can add a Google+ badge as mentioned earlier. Either method directly connects your Google+ page to your web site or blog.

An indirect advantage to this has to do with online reputation management. Google+ activity gets top priority in page rankings. If you have links to negative reviews showing up high in search results, Google+ searches will push those results further down the page making them less likely to be viewed.

If you are keeping close tabs on your online reputation, Google+ may prove to be a valuable ally in correcting any problems.

Emphasize the +1s

The +1 button you place on your web site is much more powerful than a “like” in Facebook. This is because of the number of +1s you receive shows up in search results, even when the searcher is not logged into Google+.

Complete your Profile

Google places differing priorities on various areas for your profile for page optimization and search results. The first 55 characters of your profile introduction are vital for search results within Google!.

We aren’t suggesting that using Google+ will immediately boost your immediate page rankings. What we are saying is it will turbocharge your organic SEO. As more of your Google+ followers began to link to your content you will see better and lasting SEO results.

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