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Social Media and Brand Awareness: You Can’t Afford to Ignore It

A recent study at Social Media Examiner stresses the link between social media and brand awareness. According to the study, the combined channels of social media represent a demographic that no business or professional practice can afford to ignore.

Some Impressive Statistics

Almost 80% of all active Internet users in the Unites States visit social media sites on a regular basis.  Facebook is now the most visited website of any kind in the world. That means a sizeable percentage of your prospects and patients are there already.

97% of marketers surveyed agree social media provides benefits and value to their business. Of more than 700 marketers responding to a survey from eMarketer, 88% found that social media helps grow brand awareness. Of those surveyed, half reported the use of social media actually reduced costs.

Digging Deeper

Wildfire Interactive’s survey of over 700 marketers worldwide provides an even more compelling argument for social media. The marketing software company found that social media:

  • Benefited marketers by allowing them to engage in dialogue (85%).
  • Increased sales and partnerships (58%).
  • Reduced costs (41%).

Charles Schwab is a company that understands the benefits of engaging in dialogue with customers by way of social media.

It has opened up this whole public communications channel, where we can get great feedback. We’re trying to get people out of the mindset that social media is just for pushing your messages out. It is about communicating, but it’s also about listening.

Lindsay Tiles, director of corporate public relations at Charles Schwab

Marketers are not only looking at the overall benefits of social media but they are also digging deeper to determine the value of Facebook fans in particular. Among those responding to the Wildfire Interactive survey:

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