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Six Steps to Making Your Google Places Page Effective

For simplicity of use and immediate measurability Google Places might just be the single most important tool available for web marketing on a local level. Because it is directly related to searches people are making on a local level, this tool is invaluable for marketing your practice to those most likely to use your services. Unlike SEO optimization which takes a certain amount of expertise to employ to its fullest power, optimizing Google Places to get the most out of the feature is much more straightforward and accessible. Here are some basic steps to take in order to get the most of out of Google Places for your web marketing.

Use Compelling Keywords

Your Google Places page allows you to describe your plastic surgery practice with up to 200 characters. As with SEO don’t stuff keywords for the sake of using all 200 characters. Pick keywords that are important to what you do and offer. When writing your description, think visitors first and Google second. In other words, describe your site in ways that is persuasive to the reader.

Use Typical Categories to Describe Your Practice

A Google Places page allows up to five categories to be used in describing the services your offer. Don’t invent categories but rather use terms that are common to plastic surgeons. In other words don’t try to be unique with categories. If most plastic surgeons use the term “breast augmentation” that is the term you need to use as a category. Using standard categories will improve your Google Places rankings in search results.

Don’t Add Keywords to Your Business Name

For example, if your practice is in plastic surgery but the name of your clinic is Baymont Clinic, your Google Place business name needs to be Baymont Clinic. Don’t add “plastic surgery” thinking that will help you page ranking. In truth, it is likely to lower your relevancy because Google is pretty good at telling when words have been stuffed where they don’t belong.

Encourage Reviews

Encourage clients to post positive reviews about you on City Search, Local Search, and other review sites where you are listed. SEO experts tend to agree that positive reviews from trustworthy sources like City Search elevate your Google Places page rankings.

Aim for a Consistent but Spaced out Review Stream

Too many reviews about your practice at once will do you more harm than good. Search engines can sniff out spam and internet fraud like bloodhounds and are often suspicious of a sudden influx of reviews. The result will be a lowering of search results. The better approach is a steady stream of reviews over time.

List Your Practice On Other Business Directories

By listing your practice on other directories like and or directories maintained by your medical profession you will boost the rankings of your Google Places page.

Take Advantage of Images and Videos

Some SEO experts say these don’t help your rankings but they certainly can’t hurt! Geo-tagged photos and videos probably do help your page rankings and images in general make your Google Places page stand out in the crowd.

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