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More YouTube Tips: Healthcare Web Design Strategies that Work

Many medical professionals understand the place of SEO strategies for blogs and web pages, but sometimes forget the same principles work with YouTube. No matter how good a video is, someone has to see it before it can accomplish its purpose.

In our article, Plastic Surgeons and YouTube:  Healthcare Web Design Strategies that Work, we looked at some winning strategies for making your YouTube efforts successful. Those included:

  • Offer Compelling Videos
  • Make it Easy to Find
  • Review YouTube Insights

Here are some more tips for ensuring your YouTube videos have the greatest impact possible:

Create a Branded YouTube Channel

This doesn’t mean you have to go to the expense of a YouTube “brand channel” or seek to become a YouTube Partner. Having your own YouTube channel costs nothing more than a little time in setting one up and will give you the same impact. By having a YouTube channel, followers will move from viewing occasional videos you produce to seeing your channel as a destination to visit often.

To turn your YouTube page into a channel destination site, consider the following steps:

  • Create a Custom Background: Just as with your Facebook Business Page and Twitter page, give your YouTube page a branded look and feel. Having a generic YouTube page has the same effect as an “under construction” graphic on a web page. Give it some life. Make it speak of you. Make it so people will want to come back often.
  • Default the Page to “Player View”: Have one featured video set to autoplay and alternate videos often.
  • Create Playlists that Feature your Best Videos: Create a playlist that features your best videos. If you don’t have many videos yet, include some videos from vendors you use in your practice. The idea here is to create a site followers will return to for more informational video content.

Annotate Your Videos with Calls to Action

Annotations can be added to any YouTube video that includes a clickable call to action. You can set annotations to appear at the top or bottom of the video for a specific length of time. They can also include links to other videos or playlists. You can even include a clickable link for people who want to subscribe to your channel.

Post a Bulletin Alert

There is a “post bulletin” tab at the top of your channel. This can be used to create a bulletin with a link to a video that will appear on the home page of subscribers and friends. This is yet one more way to build traffic to your videos.

YouTube Ads

Julie Perry (Social Media Director – BLASTmedia) calls YouTube Ads the “last frontier” of online advertising. She writes about these Ads:

People are coming (to YouTube) and directly entering in search queries of what they’re looking for… You can bid on those keywords just as you would Google pay-per-click. But instead of a text ad coming up on the right-hand side as it does on Google, you get a video and a thumbnail of a video … The best part is that you can bid on keywords for pennies on the dollar compared to what you pay for a Google text ad or even a Facebook ad.

Integrate With Other Social Media Platforms

It is a mistake to see YouTube or any other aspect of social media as an island to itself. Doctor 2.0 social media marketing involves seeing everything you do in Internet Marketing as one unified “next generation interactive web site.”

Extend the reach of your YouTube Videos

  • Blog it: There should be a new blog post created around each new video. Use keyword-rich titles and shape your entire post around the content of the video. Include sharing buttons on your blog post, making it easy for visitors to share your content.
  • Post it to Facebook: Videos are one of the quickest ways to improve your EdgeRank on Facebook. In simple terms, that means videos offer the quickest route to expanding your audience.
  • Tweet It:  People don’t tend to retweet poor content. Make a quality video with meaningful content and those you tweet will share it.
  • Submit to StumbleUpon: If someone asked you, “What is the most powerful social media referrer?” you would probably answer Facebook or Twitter. And, that answer would be wrong. StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site that drives more web traffic in the US than any other social media site.


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