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Utilizing Your LinkedIn Profile by Posting Blog Content

I recently did an internet search of my own name, both in Google and Bing. It was interesting that the first things to come up are a couple of my social media profiles, namely my LinkedIn profile.

I thought that maybe these search engines knew that I was searching for myself and so they brought up my own profiles at the top of the search, so I asked someone else to also search my name. Came to find that they got the exact same result.

Google Search results when searching “Tyler Weber”


The top result is a link to search results on where my profile shows up on top, and the first image is my profile picture on LinkedIn. So it is fairly easy to see that for some reason LinkedIn ranks highly on search engines. This is important to note for those wanting to maximize their LinkedIn profile!

With 225 million+ members, LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network. Some would call LinkedIn a social network, but the purpose of LinkedIn is much different from other popular social networks. The primary focus of LinkedIn is to help expand the network of professionals and connect them with others for the purpose of growing awareness, understanding, and opportunity of and in related fields.

There are similarities between LinkedIn and other social networks. One big similarity is the home news feed. This newsfeed on a LinkedIn profile will update based information released by other users within your network. These could be new connections that are made between users, new groups joined, or posts by the people you’ve connected with.

These posts can consist of just about anything, but in this blog article I want to look at the benefits of utilizing your LinkedIn profile for publishing blog content.

There are a couple of different ways that you use your LinkedIn profile to benefit your blog. You can 1) Simply paste a link to your blog in the ‘Update’ portion of your profile, or 2) you can use a tool like Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that allows you to manage multiple social profiles from one page. It also provides custom analytics, and enables users to create ‘teams’ for profiles. The social networks that can be connected with Hootsuite are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, WordPress, Mixi.

Hootsuite also allows users to schedule posts or in advance. This ability is particularly useful when managing campaigns or posting at peek times. The ability to schedule tweets also allows provides the ability to craft posts and to be very deliberate with messaging. Another helpful tool that can be used is to turn on the ‘auto-scheduling’. This setting will automatically schedule the post for optimal impact.

How to set up:

Hootsuite provides different plans & options for profiles, starting from a free personal account to manage up to 5 profiles, up to the Enterprise option with unlimited team members and a smorgasbord of other options.

For one of the free profiles, simply create an account, connect you social networks to your profile by clicking +Add Social Network, and then you are ready to start scheduling posts of your blog on up to five social networks from one account!

One more note!

Posting your blog content on your profile not only points more readers to your blog, but it also boosts your LinkedIn profile by feeding it with useful information.

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About Tyler Weber
Tyler is a graduate of Bethel University and was added as the Director of Public Relations in 2013. With a background in Non-Profit and Public Relations, Tyler enjoys refining his communication skills while working toward a “Big-Picture” purpose. In addition to staying on the cutting edge of communication, he does his best to see the person in every interaction. If you were to sit and have a conversation with him you would likely discuss a variety of diverse topics from tattoos to your ideal super power. You can follow Tyler at Google+

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