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Keeping Tabs on Your Online Reputation

No one’s watching so how about a show of hands. How many reading this have given in to the temptation to “Google” yourself? You resisted for a while but then just had to see what came up when you entered your name or the name of your clinic. Now pretend I’m your social media manager and answer one question for me. “What took you so long?”

Not only is checking up on your online reputation okay - it is essential!

Every plastic surgeon should have someone in their organization that is responsible for monitoring what your clients, staff, friends, and competition are saying about your practice. And since you have worked hard to build your practice you need to be proactive in this. Even though you may have a staff member taking care of the initial monitoring you should personally reply to reviews as much as possible. In fact, you should consistently monitor all the major forms of social media for what is being said about you and your practice.

Social media conversations connected to you that need to be monitored include:

  • Web sites
  • Blogs
  • Facebook comments
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn posts

There are a number of ways to automatically monitor what is being said about your practice. A couple of excellent free tools for monitoring the key phrases, company names or specific terms that matter to your business are Trend Search and Conversation Tracker. By using these tools together you can compile an excellent profile of the key words and links associated with your name as well conversations about you in reviews and blog comments. Trend Search creates an instant graph of the percentage of all the blogosphere that refers back to your URL or name. In fact, you can find trends for just about any combination of words and phrases you want. For example, you can type in “Your Name” + “Liposuction” and see a chart of what percentage of the total web conversation on the internet is connected to you.

Google Alerts – Your Own Personal Web PR Robot

Anyone serious about the effectiveness of their web marketing should be using Google Alerts from day one. Google Alerts emails you daily updates every time the specific terms, names and phrases of your choice are used. Alerts can be further refined to be triggered by sources you define: news, blogs, and general web content. You can also define the frequency for these alerts to be generated. The end result is a steady stream of email that refers you back to where your name or practice is mentioned. The process usually takes some tweaking as most users often make their Google Alerts too broad. After a few days, and some refining, you will be able to have a good feel for what the internet world is saying about you and your practice.

These tools will alert you to both positive and negative comments and respond to both in a way that strengthens your on-line credibility.

MDWebPro Review Monitoring

To really make your life easier you can sign up for our review monitoring service.  We will track new reviews and ratings posted on the top review sites and send you a weekly email with any updates.  It’s fast, simple and ready to use.  Just fill out the form below to have your reviews sent to your inbox.

After clicking “Get My Reviews” we will start searching for reviews matching your name and state. Feel free to close this window, continue browsing the web or better yet Tweet This while you wait. We will send you an email when we have found some reviews for you.

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