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Inbound Advisor is your comprehensive, hands on internet marketing solution you can trust. From SEO to Social Media. It's just like hiring a whole team, without all the cost or HR.

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“You have been a tremendous help to me, and it has been nice working with someone with ethics in this field. You are literally 1 in 100, and I truly appreciate it.”

Allison Kendrick, M.D.
Austin, TX


“Inbound Advisor and the Insights software platform allows for detailed reporting of results — which is critical in determining success. We have seen traffic from organic search increase 51% in the last 30 days and are very happy with the service.”

Jeff Esson,

The Internet Marketing Landscape Today

There is a lot going on in the world of Internet marketing today and for good reason! Facebook, a site that didn’t exist 10 years ago is now bigger than the whole Internet was when it first started. Social media sites claim 100s of millions of users and Google sees billions of searches per month. Nearly every demographic is represented online today — from the people next door to people around the world.

Internet Marketing Stats

What is everyone looking for online?

In a nutshell: statistics show they are looking for information, entertainment, communications and opportunities to buy.

Where does that leave your medical practice?

We know there is commerce opportunity online. We know people go to the web for product information and to make purchase decisions. We see this in our own behaviors as well as on the sites we monitor. Google tells us they push out over 500 updates/changes to their search algorithm each year. That means every day search rankings change. Sites such as MySpace and Yahoo! which drew millions of visitors only years ago are quickly disappearing from relevancy. While sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube grow in users each day. So how can a small business effectively leverage this constantly changing landscape?

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