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Healthcare Social Media Week in Review: March 26, 2012

What social media offers to health professionals and citizens

Christine McNab

The World Health Organization weighs in on the global impact social media is having on healthcare.

“Until recently the predominant communication model was “one” authority to “many” – i.e. a health institution, the ministry of health or a journalist communicating to the public. Social media has changed the monologue to a dialogue, where anyone with ICT access can be a content creator and communicator. Health professionals should ensure that information is correct and accessible.”


4 convincing arguments to get your docs online

Josh McColough

A blunt and convincing argument for any physicians who are still dragging their feet about getting on the web train.

“. . . the case for physicians having a web presence gets stronger every day. While there were some naysayers at the meetings, there were quite a few other (admittedly younger) physicians who were asking good questions and taking notes. One of them commented to me after, “If the rest of these guys don’t want to be online, I say ‘great.’ More (patients) for me.”


MyHeartMap Challange: Improvong AED Awreness to Access and Save Lives

Philadelphia gets the prize for most fun, creative way of using social media as a heath education tool. They are currently running the My Heart Map Challenge to promote awareness of Automated External Defibrillators in their county.

1. Find and photograph the most AEDs in Philadelphia County in six weeks and win the $10,000 grand prize.

To unlock this prize, at least one individual or team must enter 500 unique AEDs or collectively all contest participants must enter 750 unique AEDs. Once the grand prize is unlocked by either approach above, this will be posted on the website.

2. Be the first to submit a photograph of a “Golden” AED and win $50.

We have identified between 20 and 200 AEDs in Philadelphia County as “Golden” AEDs. These are unmarked and you won’t know it’s a winner when you photograph it.

3. Want to help but not compete for a prize?

Submit addresses of locations without AEDs or that you wish had an AED – this is just for fun and it will help us with our map.

10 tips: How to Filter Discussions on Twitter

Bertalan Mesko

Are you drowning in tweets? Well Dr. Bertalan Meskó of and follows over 570 users and get’s over 100 tweets on hour. He shares the tools he uses to sort through the noise and filter the gold from the garbage.

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