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Getting Content Ideas from MD SEO: 7 Valuable Sources

Over the past year, we have sought to stress the central place of meaningful content for web marketing. In case you missed them, two excellent videos are available for free here at WebMdPro:

To many plastic surgeons a winning blog is a two-edged sword. It attracts and holds loyal followers but also requires a fair amount of thought and planning. Before long every medical professional has the same question, “Where do I get more content ideas?” Our answer is straightforward; the best content ideas come from MD SEO.

The solution to creating content that engages your audience is to find out what they are already looking for. By studying keyword trends, you allow searchers to teach you exactly how to market to them. Tools like Google Analytics and others enable you to intelligently predict what your target audience wants to read. By identifying the search phrases that point to your specific type of practice and location you already know what kind of content you need to be producing.

The following sources can help you become a master at medical SEO:

Google Insights

Google Insights offers a detailed view of search volume patterns over different lengths of time based on geographic region, categories, and products. This is a tremendous tool because it unifies a wealth of marketing information in one place allowing you to accurately predict search volume of various keywords.

Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to quickly view how searches looked for a specific keyword. For example, enter “Botox” and you will notice spikes at certain times of the year across a number of years.  There is also recent news related to the search term. Trends is a terrific tool for checking trending data for a query and comparing trends between terms at a glance. For example, you can compare how “plastic surgeon” and “cosmetic surgeon” trended during the same period of time.


You can click on a topic and view the tweets that make up the trend. Or, by using the Twitter search function, you can take it even further and identify the words people are using when they tweet about a specific phrase. Do a Tweet search of the word “Botox” and look for common phrases people are using in tweets about Botox.


Status updates are often used to share content with friends – such as articles, blog posts, images, and videos. Look for repeated words and phrases in status updates about your field or practice. This is what your followers and prospects are already talking about. What they are talking about should drive keywords for future content.

Yahoo! Answers

This is one of the largest answer sites on the net with hundreds of millions of questions and answers. Look for questions being asked that relate to your field and find keywords that can shape content to answer those questions.


Stumbleupon is a content discovery engine that reveals the way Internet users are bookmarking sites and content. To find hot topics for content you can search “Recently Hot” and “Most Popular All Time” tags. You can also check stumbles by Top Related websites and topic.


What are your successful competitors blogging and tweeting about? Are there even better ways you can write about what they have already done? Are competitors missing SEO keyword opportunities that you need to take advantage of? For example, if a local plastic surgeon had good search engine success with “plastic surgeon Atlanta” and is located in Marietta, you might try “plastic surgeon Marietta” and get even better targeted results for local searches.


The Bottom Line: Using keyword research for content ideas is about identifying what your targeted audience is already interested in. If you know where to look you can see that consumers have already made it clear what they need and are willing to spend their money on.

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