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Five Proven Ways to Promote Your Plastic Surgeon’s Facebook Page

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make Facebook work for you. Even though it has only been around a few years, there are some methods that have proven to consistently work in promoting a Facebook Page. Each approach to page promotion presented here is simple to carry out and requires relatively little time to manage.

Give Your Page Some Life

In our article, 8 Facebook Essentials Every Plastic Surgeon Needs to Remember, the number one essential named is “Make it Pop.” Facebook is about interaction. Use tools already included in a Facebook page like the discussion board to encourage visitors to interact with you and each other. Another good approach is to post informational clips by embedding YouTube videos. Anything that gives your page life will give people a reason to keep coming back and sharing your page with others.

Be Sure Your Page Can Be Searched

Your page should be set to public by default so that search engines can index it. Indexing gives your page a life of its own as people find their way to you through Google, Bing, and a world of other search engine sites. Check your site out by using Google to search for it. If you aren’t showing up in searches you may need to set your page to be publicly indexed and searchable. To check this, go to the EDIT PAGE and find the SETTINGS link. If it isn’t already chosen, set your page to PUBLISHED.

Give the Viral Nature of Facebook a Nudge

Every time a fan of your page engages it in any way, that activity shows up in the Facebook news feed. Whether they leave a comment, share a post, or attend an activity the news feed records that for everyone who is a friend with the fan who showed activity on your page. Turn that to your advantage by encouraging people to leave comments on your Facebook page.

Take Advantage of Existing Networks

Add your Facebook Page URL to your signature line in every email your office sends out. Start a blog specifically created as a tie-in to your Facebook Page. Create a Facebook bade to post on your web site and blog.

Facebook Ads: Why aren’t Your Using Them?

Facebook Ads are similar to Google Adwords in that you can advertise your website or your Facebook page to a targeted audience at a very low cost. If things seem a little slow and you aren’t picking many new followers, run a one week Facebook Ad aimed at the age group most likely to seek a consultation. The beauty of Facebook Ads is they can be tweaked daily or even hourly to achieve the results you are looking for in traffic to your page.To learn more about using Faceook ads take a look at our blog post titled, The Nuts and Bolts of Advertising Your Facebook Page.

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