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Cosmetic Surgeon Clinic Web Design: The Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages are one of the keys to successful Internet Inbound Marketing. The reason is that Web Site Home Pages are general in nature, presenting as big a picture as possible of your practice. Landing pages on the other hand are focused designed for one singular purpose – conversions as the result of one specific marketing campaign.

Formstack has created a snapshot of the elements of a perfect landing page. Use this image and the rules of practice below it as a guide to designing your perfect landing page.

Page Headlines and Ad Copy

  • Landing page headlines and content need to complement each other.
  • Consistent content between Ad message and landing page text will improve your AdWords score.

Clear, Concise Headlines

  • Your landing page headline is the first thing visitors read and, unless written well, could well be the last thing they read. Headlines should not be confusing or dull. Instead they should compel a visitor to take a closer look at the content of the page.

Good Grammar

  • Good grammar, proper spelling, and attention to eliminating typos can be the difference between readers taking you seriously as an authority in your field or discounting you and moving on.

Authority and Trust Indicators

  • Seals of approval (Better Business Bureau, etc.), brief press releases, and patient testimonials are an effective way of building immediate trust.
  • Example: When ACLens (an eyeglass lens company) began displaying their VeriSign badge on their landing page, the company saw a 41% increase in conversions.

Calls to Action and Buttons

  • There should be only one call to action on a landing page. That same call to action can be repeated in several parts of the page.
  • Use keywords you have identified that will attract people searching for information about cosmetic procedures.
  • Your call to action should be prominent along with a conversion button. Both should always be to the left of the screen and above the fold.

Limit the Links

  • Too many links are distracting and will dilute the main message of the landing page. Overuse of links will negatively affect conversions.
  • Simplicity is the key to a landing page.

 Use Images and Videos that Directly Relate to the Copy

  • Testimonial videos, clinic images, and photos of you and your staff are perfect.

Keep Everything Necessary above the Fold

  • Above the fold is everything a visitor sees without having to scroll down. The most important parts of the landing page should be seen first not last.
  • The call to action button should always be above the fold and to the left where the eye naturally scans first. Never put a call to action where it has to be searched for.

Test, Test, Test

  • Just as with email, run A/B tests, experiment with different copy and colors, and try out different calls to action to see what works best.


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