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Building Your MD Social Media Rank

Doctor 2.0 plastic surgeons understand every aspect of their Internet presence should work toward one common goal – communication. One of the main ways to accomplish that goal is through cultivating your MD social media rank among your peers, patients, prospective patients, and casual followers.

Social Media and SEO

One of the reasons it is essential to choose the right platform for your blog has to do with social media and SEO. There are numerous free plug-ins for WordPress that are geared toward making your blog a social media hub.

Until recently, the effect of links on Facebook and tweets was fairly minimal, but all evidence shows that is changing rapidly. Both Bing and Google confirm that links from social media channels are being used in page rankings. Most SEO experts are in agreement that search engines are going to increasingly use social media data in the months to come.

Among other things, some factors that influence social ranking include:

  • Number of fans and followers
  • Ratio of followers to following
  • Social ranking of fans and followers

Building your MD Social Media Ranking

Unless you’re the First Lady or Justin Beeber, your social ranking is not going to grow by accident. As a medical professional, you must consciously work at creating a meaningful network of followers. Expanding your social media platform involves building continuing relationships with followers that go beyond “liking” their comments on your blog or Facebook.

To build your social network focus:

  • Create Relevant Content What do your followers care about? What questions are they asking and how can you answer those questions? Fashion blog posts with quality content that answers those questions. If you have a niche, maximize it. Is there some procedure no one else in your area is focusing on but you? Is there some hot topic in plastic surgery other local plastic surgeons aren’t writing about on their blog or web site? Taking the lead is a positive first step in establishing authority in social media.
  • Pursue Relationships with Social Media Influencers Respond to ever follower but focus extra effort on followers that have social media influence. Look at how often your followers are liking, sharing, commenting, and retweeting your content. A follower doesn’t have to be a celebrity to be a social influencer. You might be surprised at the scope of some of your patient’s Twitter followers and Facebook friends. Share your content directly with social media influencers by linking to their name on your posts.  By linking to someone with social media influence in a Facebook comment, you automatically open your practice up to potential followers you wouldn’t connect with any other way.
  • Encourage People to Share Your Content Don’t just put calls to action in a blog post; put them everywhere! Tweets should always contain a link to your blog or web site. Don’t hesitate to ask followers to share posts or retweet messages. As your blog or web site gathers links from social media influencer, search engine rankings will increase for search terms related to your content.

Doctor 2.0 and the Future of SEO

Traditional SEO factors will continue to play a major role in affecting rankings. However, link value from social media sites may mean the difference between page one and two in page rankings. And that is a huge difference in the competitive world of getting noticed by potential clients searching the web.

Medical practices with long-term vision invest their time and resources in building their social media ranking. So what does your social media ranking look like?

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