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Blogging and Medical Social Media Burnout

In spite of a few naysayers, there is no doubt that your blog can be the next Doctor 2.0 social media hub. But, if you have been seriously blogging for your medical practice for long you also understand the following webinar title recently emailed my way: Blogging and Medical Social Media Burnout.

Don’t Let Success Pave a Path to Failure

Every business person and professional has experienced this phenomenon at one point or another. The things that propelled you to recognition, success, and personal achievement can become the same things that weigh you down. Consider what it takes to have a successful blog:

  • Quality – anyone can throw something up on the web but valuable content takes some work.
  • Consistency – as we have noted in other posts, the only thing more important than quality is consistency. Regular blog postings that followers can count on week in and week out are essential.
  • Conversation – the whole point of a medical practice blog is conversation between you, your patients, and your prospects. That requires taking the time to read and respond to comments in a timely manner.

Burnout can kill the best of social media efforts. It isn’t that you can’t think of anything to write about or to post; you just don’t know if you can do give the time or energy to it any more. Blogging is alive and well in the United States.

  • As of July 2011, there are an estimated 164 million blogs (from 3 million in 2004)
  • 27% of bloggers are full time bloggers
  • About 2/3 of bloggers are male
  • The US has about 49% of the blogging population worldwide
  • 5% of the blogs are business-focused and 14% are focused on technology or Internet marketing
  • Traffic sources: 41% Search Engines, 28% Social Media, 20% Referring Sites
  • WordPress is used by about 40% of the blogs

What these statistics don’t reveal is about 50% of those blogs are not active. Fully 75% of all business blog traffic is realized by the less than 10% of blog sites. One take on that is that many blog managers are either doing a poor job or burning out. The other side is that a minority is doing a superior job and has discovered how to keep the blog fires burning with intensity.

Rekindle the Blogging Fire

By Writing What you are Passionate About

It’s good to have variety in your blog posts. But, when the blogging fire begins to ebb return to what you know best and believe in the most. Is there a procedure you introduced last year but you still think it’s the best thing going? Write about it! If you are struggling putting out quality content about new topics, revisit those created a buzz before. Anything is more productive than staring at a black screen.

By Creating a Stockpile of Blog Post Ideas

One way to guard against dry blogging times is to take advantage of days you are feeling especially productive and creative. This is why it is important to make note of every idea you have for blog posts. When you motivation is low or can’t think of anything “good” to blog about, consult your list. A good idea is to begin to save drafts of blog ideas as far ahead as possible. If all you have is an idea for a title; save that title. WordPress and free tools like Windows Live Writer allow you to save posts as drafts or schedule posts for a future date.

By Enlisting a Guest Blogger

If you need some time away blogging or want to work on that stockpile of future posts, a guest blogger can help. Invite a fellow physician to write about a conference he just attended. Perhaps one of your staff has a knack with words and could write a couple of posts about what they do in the clinic. Networking with other bloggers is an excellent way to find willing guest bloggers as well.

By Rethinking Your Blogging Frequency

Scaling your blogging frequency back a little bit might help. It is better to produce one high impact, quality post than three weak posts per week.

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