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Enhance your Medical Social Media with Google+ Hangouts

Since Google+ Business pages are so new, many medical professionals are just beginning to explore the tools it has to offer. One tool available to enhance your medical social media is Google+ Hangouts.

Google+ Hangouts make it possible to initiate video chats with other Google+ users in your Circles. Business and medical practices of all kinds are learning these hangouts are an unobtrusive and effective way to interact with their followers. As you explore the idea of Hangouts, here are some ideas to make them work better.

Create Specific Video Chat Hangouts for Specific Reasons

For a Hangout to benefit your practice it needs to serve a specific purpose for those being invited. Some plastic surgeons, for example, are setting up Hangouts to provide information for followers who want to learn more about a specific procedure. You might consider inviting followers in one of your circles to an “ask the doctor” Hangout where you can answer questions and recommend content on your web site or blog.

This kind of Hangout serves several purposes. It puts a face on your practice allowing people to interact with you in ways they could not through comments. And, it allows you to call attention to other sources of information that establish you as an authority.

Mention New Information on your Google+ Business Page During the Hangout

Hangouts should be used carefully and avoid heavy promotion. However, if you invite followers to Hangout on a specific topic you can direct participants back to information on your Google+ Business Page or web site. Of course this requires diligence on your part in providing consistently fresh and high quality content.

Use Hangouts to Make Stronger Connections in Your Circles

Hangouts are a great way to get to know potential prospects even better. Make sure you have a specific reason to invite people to a Hangout and are prepared ahead of time. People who accept an invitation to one of your hangouts are showing a desire to develop stronger relationships with you already. If you provide good information, give rather than take, and communicate well participants in these Hangouts are much more likely to become social media evangelists for Google+ presence. That in turn leans to more people finding your business page.

Create a Series of Podcasts or YouTube Videos and Promote Them on Your Google+ Page

Make sure you create a strong and focused idea for each podcast or video. If you become known for engaging and interesting podcasts you’ll soon see a surge of traffic hitting your business page. Hangouts are limited to 10 people joining the video chat. However, if you make the session available for public viewing, many more can watch.

There are plenty of opportunities to use Google+ as a way to drive traffic to your business page. Hangouts offer a perfect avenue for creativity in bringing your practice to where people already are. An added bonus of Hangouts is all they require is a simple web cam and a little time.

TIP: To get started, try doing a Hangout with your own employees on a weekend or at night.

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