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Facebook Rolls Out Roles and Scheduled Posts

It feels like every few days Facebook rolls out a new feature.  Sometimes people are up in arms about the newest feature, or a change to their profile page (ie. Timeline), and other times it’s welcomed with open arms.  Less than a week ago, Facebook rolled out two new features for Pages.


The first deals with the different permissions that Facebook content creators have access to.  Previously if you were the administrator of a Facebook page, you had free reign to do as you pleased.  You could create content, utilize the messaging service, comment, and even create ads.  Now, Facebook has created five different roles for Pages.  The role that is most similar to the original admin role is the manager role.  As a manager you have access to all aspects of page management.  It gives you all-access permissions for content creation, Facebook insight analysis, ad creation, post creation, and comment interactions.   Next in the pages ranks is the content creator role.  As a content creator you can do everything a manager can, except for managing admin roles. Following the content creator is the moderator role.  The moderator is allowed to do just that, moderate.  As a moderator you can oversee what comes in to your Facebook page and what can go out.  You can comment on posts, but cannot create new posts.  Fourth is the advertiser role.  In this role, the advertiser has access to your pages Facebook insights, as well as the ability to create new ads for your business or practice.  This is the person who can focus on your ROI when it comes to advertising.  The most limited permissions role and last of the five is the insights analyst. The insights analyst has access to your pages analytics, but that’s it.  With the new role assignments for Facebook pages you can build a team for your health care practice, and allow them the appropriate access to your practices Facebook page.


Second and in conjunction to the new roles feature, Facebook now allows you schedule posts.  What this means is if you have been working with your marketing team on a new advertisement or running a new special for your plastic surgery practice, then you can schedule your new ad or discount to post at a specific time.  This will free you up for 1:1 interactions with you patients, rather than hovering over you iPad, attempting to push your newest deal out to your social media accounts.  The new scheduling feature allows you to schedule posts up to six months in advance, and time them to post 15 minutes apart.

What do you think of the new Facebook features?  Are they an addition for the positive?


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