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Email Marketing and Your Options

Staying connected to your patients has become an entirely new beast over the last several years.  Balancing your practices social media connections (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin), as well as making sure your practice is readily accessible in Google’s search index are all becoming more and more part of standard practice these days.

Yet, once your patient or potential patients have liked your practices Facebook page, followed it on Twitter, and so on, how do you go about reconnecting with her or him one week down the road?  What about one month down the road?  How about six months down the road?  Establishing an email marketing plan is a useful option for staying in contact with your clients.


Why create an email marketing campaign?

  • With a well-designed email marketing campaign there is high potential to increase targeted medical industry traffic to your web site.  Higher traffic helps to raise awareness of your practice and the services you offer.
  • Running a successful email marketing campaign can help to increase your advertising, and increase your marketing ROI.  A fair amount of the current email marketing campaigns available that work well with in health care sector, are inexpensive and are highly customizable.
  • Another result of a successful email marketing campaign is connecting and being in contact with medical administrators.  This will allow you to stay up to date with services and products other facilities are offering, as well as allow you to promote your services and products.
  • The ability to contact medical companies for business to business relationships is another purpose for having an email marketing campaign.
  • After you establish your campaign you can really tap into the medical expertise of doctors within your community.


What are your options?

There are many reason why creating an email marketing campaign in the healthcare sector is important, but where do you start?  Currently, there are a good amount of email marketing services available, and they fall across the entire spectrum when it comes to price, customizability, and ease of use.  Below are several great services that cater to a variety of email marketing needs.

  1. AWeber-AWeber has been a go to service for email marketing since the late 1990’s.  The base price for the AWeber service is $19 a month, and allows for unlimited email communication up to 500 addresses.  Other features of AWebers services include over 130 templates options for campaigns, a variety of auto response options, and options that integrate with different scripts that will give your campaign lots of options.
  2. Constant Contact– Constant Contact is an established service that offers a diverse amount of tools that include email marketing, survey creation, and specific event marketing.  For their email marketing service, Constant Contact offers a two month risk free trial, as well as social media integration, over 400 email templates, and free phone, email, phone, and in person coaching/support.  The base price for Constant Contact is $15 for up to 500 addresses.
  3.  MailChimp-MailChimp is another wonderful email marketing organization, and has been building a very steady customer base since its inception in 2001.  MailChimp is a bright and very modern campaign service that integrates Google Analytics, plays well with social media, and has delightful mobile options to help track your campaign.  MailChimp is very user friendly and getting started is simple with their startup wizard.  Like Constant Contact and AWeber, MailChimp has a variety of templates to customize your campaign.  The base price for MailChimp is free for the first 500 address.  Once you hit 500 email addresses, MailChimp charges $15.


Staying connected with your patients after they’ve left the office is important in creating a successful ROI as well as building a solid foundation for your practice.  Creating an operational health care email marketing campaign will help you effectively create that foundation and help  you build for the future.


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