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Costs and Benefits of becoming Google AdWords Certified

I recently started to look more deeply into being Google AdWords Certified. I had in fact heard about the certification prior to this deeper research, but after having a recent surge of initiative-taking and a desire to spontaneously learn, I decided that this was a great place to start.

The Google AdWords Certification Program is put on by Google to help its users become more fit to utilize the many complexities that is Google AdWords. This program is globally recognized and is open for anyone who would like to become certified. The outcome of the certification process is the knowledge of how to properly manage AdWords campaigns.

There are quite a few people that view this certification in a negative light, particularly SEO professionals. This negativity comes from the fact that Google is financially benefiting from your involvement, but lets look at some specific costs and benefits of the Google AdWords Certification.

Its pretty well known that Google makes money from AdWords and the Certification Program, because the program is essentially part of their sales pitch to get more and more people to use AdWords. Google shines a very positive light on AdWords and encourages SEO experts to use them early and often, even when, realistically, it would be more beneficial to use other things like social media or press releases.

The flip-side of this argument is that Google is still the most popular search engine in the world, and AdWords are an important part of effective online marketing. This means that there are in fact many instances when utilizing AdWords is beneficial for someone besides Google.

Even though Google might not have YOUR best interests in mind when extending the invitation to become AdWords Certified, there is still quite a bit of meat left on the bone when considering the investment. No one can underestimate the power of Google when it comes to inbound marketing. Here are some specific benefits of taking the step to becoming certified:

  • Education & Learning – No matter who you are, if you choose to become AdWords Certified, you will learn something. The tools are useful and effective for online marketing and this is one of the few internet marketing bases that you will want to have covered. Through the certification process, you are gaining training directly from Google, which will only benefit your SEO efforts.
  • Good Terms With Google – Because Google is the “biggest and baddest” when it comes to search engines, being on Google’s team can only benefit you and your brand. After being certified, you can advertise yourself as a Google AdWords expert, which looks good on a résumé or website.
  • Potential Leads – If you haven’t noticed, Google is connected to just about everything. From your phone, to your internet searches, to your social media accounts, its all one big web of internet information. By becoming an expert in AdWords, you gain access to certain tools such as Google Engage.
  • Benefiting Your Clients – The people and companies that you serve will benefit from your expertise, which means that you will most likely benefit as well. After becoming certified as a Google AdWords expert, you are able to reach a new level of trust with your clients, and this may allow for company growth.
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