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SEO Strategies for Dentists

If you work in an industry requiring a robust web presence in order to bring in new customers, such as dentistry, hopefully you heard about the D-Day your website experienced about a month ago, on April 21st. This ultimatum required … Continue reading

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Creating a Healthcare Website About Page

Your healthcare website is finally up and running! Potential patients are able to find your practice on the Internet and link up with your social media networks with just a few clicks of a mouse. One of the most important … Continue reading

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Understanding Your Website’s First Impression.

Hello to everyone who subscribes to the MDWebPro blog! My name is Deacon, and I’m the web designer with MDWebPro. I thought since this is my first blog entry, I might introduce myself. I’ll be writing primarily about how web … Continue reading

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Optimizing Images for your Healthcare Web Design

The official Google Webmaster blog recently shared some tips that should prove invaluable in optimizing images for your healthcare web design and overall SEO strategy. If you are experimenting with ways to make your content more visual so you can … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Make Visitors Hate your Healthcare Web Design

Pop-Up Ads: Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way. Pop-ups are seriously annoying. Yes, a pop-up could get you a few new email subscribers, but is that really worth all the traffic you lose when visitors abandon … Continue reading

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10 Reasons a Professional Web Site is Vital for your Medical Marketing

It Makes you Always Available – Your web site makes you available all the time, anywhere. Someone can do an online search for a local cosmetic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation at 2:00 AM and still connect with you. It … Continue reading

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Three Basic SEO Building Blocks

Create a List of 3-5 Keywords to Focus On Put yourself in the place of the typical person using the Internet to search for the kind of medical services you provide. For a medical practice, keywords are not the same … Continue reading

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Energize SEO for your Medical Practice with Google Trends

Selecting the right keywords to point prospects toward your content is much like the task a city planner has when laying out road signs. Visitors to a city know what they are looking for; they just need simple directions that … Continue reading

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