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Three Basic SEO Building Blocks

Create a List of 3-5 Keywords to Focus On

Put yourself in the place of the typical person using the Internet to search for the kind of medical services you provide. For a medical practice, keywords are not the same as a brand name. Instead, think of words and phrases that represent the core of what your practice is about.

Choose Keywords Based on Relevance

There are tens of thousands of plastic surgeons vying for attention on the Internet. General terms that apply to cosmetic surgery do not represent your best choices due to the amount of competition for their use. Keywords that will gain searchers are more specific words and phrases related to your specific type of practice.

One way to accomplish this relevance is through multi-phrase search enquiries that people use when searching or long tail keywords. These are sometimes referred to as “problem statements” because people are looking for answers to their questions.  Target these kind of keyword phrases because they focus on a need rather than one particular word.

A properly fashioned long tail keyword phrase poses questions people are already asking: Where can I find a plastic surgeon in Dallas? How much do Botox treatments cost? Advantages to using long tail keywords include:

  • Higher Conversion Rates – The traffic that is driven to your website using long tailed keywords is far more targeted. These people are being directed to you because they have a problem that they need help with and therefore they are brought to your website. They want the product or service that you specifically offer, and this can almost always result in a sale or opportunity.
  • Easier to Rank in Search Engines – Using multi-phrase search queries ensures that you get a higher ranking on a search engine. You will find that you can go after a specific niche without much thought if you use long tail keywords that are important to your potential patients searching for your cosmetic surgery services. This sets you apart from the competition.
  • More Website Traffic – If you implement long-tail phrases correctly, it will guarantee more traffic to your cosmetic practice website that comes from the search engines directly. You are ranked higher and therefore have increased visibility to the audience that wants what you have to offer. If you use the actual phrases that people are entering to find you then you are sure to be connected to those that want your cosmetic surgery services now. This targeted approach will get you more patients and ensure you the very best results.

Another important factor for picking keywords is their relevance to your business. Obscure terms may be easy to rank highly with, but may not be relevant to your practice. There are several effective tools you can use to determine the competitiveness of a specific keyword as well as suggest and help you brainstorm for new keyword ideas.

The best practice is to find a balance between difficulty and relevance. Choose keywords that match your practice well.

Design and Optimize your Website Around your Keywords

Once you’ve chosen your keywords, incorporate them into your website. Optimize your website to include mentions of these words in key places. The images you choose for instance, especially those on the home page, should include alt text that reflects your keyword strategy.


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