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The Keys to Long Tail Keywords

This month we have turned to dig up the possibilities and opportunities that lie within long tail keywords. With as much as 70% of searches falling into the long tail keywords category, it seems quite obvious that having a great understanding of this topic is very important, especially to those in charge of drumming up search traffic.

What are Long Tail Keywords?
Long tail keywords are defined as a search containing 3 or more words which in turn produces a more specific group of search results. Here is an example:

“Coffee shop in Minneapolis”

The first search (long tail) contains more than three words and the added words generate a much more specific search result than simply searching the word “Coffee.”

Here is a visual that can help create a better understanding of long tail keywords:


In addition to these three stats:

  • In 2013 there were over 5.9 billion google searches every day
  • That number will cross into the 6 billion per day numbers in 2014
  • Long tail searches are becoming more and more common because people are using natural language searches, especially with the increase in mobile Internet use.

The Opportunity

Anyone can pursue long tail keywords. The competition for them is much lower than the high traffic keywords, and as we saw in the chart above, the conversion rates for those who search the long tail phrases is high! So no matter who you are or who your competition is, you have the chance to rank on the first page for long tail keywords in your industry.

There are a lot of factors that come into play with Google rankings. The Google algorithm is complex and continually changing, and so if you want to see more info about this, check out our Long Tail Keywords eBook, but no matter what, remember that long tail keywords are valuable and there is great opportunity!

The Solution

When a great opportunity shows itself, we need to make sure that we have bold yet realistic expectations. Managing these expectations is important. Seeing results will take time and ongoing effort in order to succeed.

It is also important to keep long tail keyword principles in mind in both paid and non-paid search optimization. These same principles can be applied in both cases.

There are also many variations of long tail keywords! And taking these variations into account is very important. For example, think about the different ways that you might search for a coffee shop. Now, think about the different ways that your mother might search for a coffee shop. Do you see a difference?

I hope this provides a little more insight into the topic of Long Tail Keywords as you pursue your Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing efforts. If you would like a more in depth analysis on Long Tail Keywords, go check out our eBook titled, “Digging Deeper Into the Benefits of Long Tail Keyword Optimization.”

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