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The 2.0 Doctor, SEO and Google Insights for Search

Recently, we encouraged you to start out this New Year as a Doctor 2.0 web marketer.  What are 2.0 Doctors? They are plastic surgeons that understand every aspect of their Internet presence should work toward one common goal – communication.  The 2.0 Doctor and SEO are inseparable. Communication requires knowing what people are already looking for and meeting their needs.

Google Insights is a free tool that can help you get the big picture in developing strategies to bring visitors to your content. This app is still in beta but is already proving to be an invaluable tool for discovering useful information about practically any search term back to 2004. Here are some of the things Google Insights can do for you:

Compare Search Terms

You can compare search terms to discover trends in cosmetic surgery searches. By comparing terms against each other you can accurately predict trends in the future for specific search terms.

Observe Search Cycles

Would you like to know when prospects are most likely to search for information on Botox? Forget the guesswork and let Google Insights for Search show you. Spikes in specific searches reveal that certain times of the year might be best for campaigns.

Search by Region

Another striking feature of Google Insights for Search is the capability to narrow search term popularity by region. You narrow your Insights Search to specific states and even cities. For example, if you want to know how people in Fresno, California are searching for the term “Botox” Google Insights for Search can quickly give you the answer.

Popularity by Location and Time Range

Google Insights can also uncover trends for a specific region during a specific time range. The success of blog posts and promotions is often dependent on timing as well as quality. The best blog posts and promotions can sometimes be less than effective because of poor timing. With a little practice you can learn to determine trends in your region and field of practice that can offer guidance in future planning.

Everyone Loves a Picture

An insight offers a way to download the data you discover to a Comma-Separated Value file. That means by using an Excel or other spreadsheet wizard you can quickly create pie charts and graphs that illustrate how people are searching on the Internet.

Helpful Tips for Using Google Insights:

  • Apply more filters for popular topics to narrow your range of search results.
  • Use the last 7,30,90 days search parameter to get a more detailed picture of what is hot now.
  • Try image, product, and news searches for more insights into how people are searching the web.
  • Look for niche terms: If your search is too broad you will end up with keywords every other plastic surgeon is using. Instead, look for keywords that would work well for people searching for specific niche needs. For example, consider finding keywords that would target professional women of a certain age group for Botox treatments.

Important Terms in Google Insights for Search

Breakout: When you see this term listed instead of an actual percentage it means that the search term has experienced a change in growth greater than 5000%.

Category: Refers to a classification of industries or markets and is often referred to as a vertical. For example, the Entertainment/Music category may include music genres, recording artists, recordings, performances, instruments, and music-related merchandise.

Filter: Refers to the method by which you narrow your search. Different filters can be applied depending on which comparison parameters you choose.

Rising Searches: Refers to searches that have experienced significant growth in a given time period compared to the previous time period. If you’re comparing data for a search term during 2011, the time period serving as the basis of comparison is 2010.  If you’re comparing searches for that term during April 2011, the basis of comparison is March 2011.

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