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Social Media and Healthcare Marketing: Create Content People Will Share

One of the keys to success in social media and healthcare marketing is creating content people will want to share.  According to Pew Research Center study, the average Facebook user has more than 245 friends. Accounting for the average number of shares each Facebook user makes, that means you have the potential to reach 31,170 people per Facebook follower.

With this kind of potential reach it is vital to create content that people will want to share. Here are some tips for creating compelling content to use in your social media and healthcare marketing.

It MUST Have Value

People like to share helpful things with friends. The first step in that process begins with someone seeing your content as personally valuable. People love to pass along tips, ideas, and information that means something to them. If you write an article about helpful skin care tips that are useful to a prospect or patient, they will share it with people in their lives.

Create a Connection

One of the main reasons content is not shared is because it doesn’t create a personal connection. A static and dry article can be filled with good information but is never shared. The reason is, people don’t share what they don’t connect with.

Post content that leads people to form a more personal connection with you and your practice. A 2011 New York Times study showed that 84% of people say they share content that allows them to be supportive of causes. So why not show off your business’ charitable efforts?

Highlight a charity that helps victims of auto and other accidents who are in need of facial reconstruction.  If the charity offers memberships, join in the name of your clinic and tell your followers about the work. Sharing such content lets supporters share their concern for victims and promote the organization’s cause at the same time.

Ask Questions

There is no better way to encourage the social in media and healthcare marketing than by asking questions. Remember: The goal is to get people engaging and interacting — with you, and with each other.


No one wants to watch or share boring content. Get people to laugh or smile (like the clips you often see being passed around from the late-night talk shows or Saturday Night Live) and you’ll see your content spread more easily. You don’t have to be overly creative to accomplish this. Share something funny you saw on YouTube and use it as a bridge to more serious information about your clinic or a medical issue.

Provide Incentive

If your content is about a special offer, offer incentive for people to share that content with their social networks. A small additional discount or gift card goes a long way toward encouraging people to pass that content along to others.

Invite People to Share

People sometimes need to be told what to do. When you say “Please share this,” your followers often will. For example, you can post a piece of content on your blog or Facebook Page that concludes with the simple challenge; “Share this if you agree.”

When a small business is asked what the single largest driver of new business is, the answer will invariably be word of mouth. In the context of social media, “shares” are really just word of mouth enabled through technology.

The formula is simple, offer content good enough that people what to pass it along and then tell them how they can do that. With that in mind, why not share this article?

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