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Simple Methods for Creating Attention Grabbing Blog Images

Websites and blogs that look good attract attention. That’s a simple and obvious fact that, unfortunately, is often overlooked. Your medical practice web site can have amazing content but if it is uninteresting to the eye, many will not stay around long enough to discover its value.

Social media platforms like insta.gram and Pinterest have called attention lately to how visually oriented most blog readers and web site visitors are. The good news is you don’t have to be a graphic artist to have a visually appealing site.  Here are simple and quick ways to create original, attention grabbing graphics.

Screen Captures

Screen grabs of images or text can make an easy collage tool. If your screen is full of images and text, consider capturing the screen and importing it into an image editor for an exciting and personal illustration for your blog.

Snap a photo with your iPhone, send it on its way to and you’re in business. Wherever you are you can send an image that strikes a chord and use it later for your blog. Don’t forget thinking SEO by adding image titles and alternative texts for all the imaged you create.


Though this site is used mainly by fashion bloggers, it has a number of useful features for all bloggers. The steps to using Polyvore are simple:

  • Simply create an account
  • Choose “Create a set”
  • Drag and drop images
  • Add text in a great font too by dragging and dropping text
  • Click the “publish to WordPress” section
  • Copy and paste the code and add to your html section in your post

Polyvore automatically includes links to the products in the set, but you can deselect the check boxes to have a code without the links. The result is original, fabulous imagery with a footprint on another site as an added bonus.


Both Picnik and the new Creative Kit in Google + allow images to be re-sized, effects added, and the addition of text. By editing and creating your own images you can have a fabulous looking blog post without worrying about Creative Commons licenses or the dreaded copyright without being a designer.

Creative Commons Search

Creative Commons images are images licensed by the creators to be used with a link. You can search for images using the Creative Commons search tool, which may produce some exciting graphics you have permission to include on your site. Don’t forget to also include an attribution link.


It’s great to take a camera with you wherever you go. You never know what might appear that is relevanct to a blog post you are writing, and you can always crop and edit the images and form as part of a collage.


iStock offers an extraordinary and inexpensive library of images that are ideal for bloggers. Images and illustrations are purchased in blocks of credits, making web friendly images very cost effective.

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