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Promotional Ideas for Cosmetic Surgeons

The winter season offers some of the biggest opportunities to make special promotions through your web site or blog. And, even though it’s a little late to begin planning for the holidays there are plenty of exciting promotional ideas for cosmetic surgeons to take advantage of as we ring in the New Year.

Take your cue from restaurants, retailers, hotels and resorts and think of some creative ways to introduce your patients to new procedures. No time is better to get them thinking about new opportunities to look better than now. Here are a few basics for carrying out a promotion.

  • A promotion should be planned far enough in advance to do it right and offered for a limited time only. Offering the same promotion for too long a period of time is basically lowering your fees. The whole idea is to generate new interest.
  • The best promotions offer a little something extra that encourages patients to return. Most cost effective, are promotions that only cost you a little extra time. Promote an add on service that is free when done in conjunction with some other procedure. Consider offering a free service that only requires a nurse or aesthetician like an extra peel treatment in combination with a more extensive service. The bonus service won’t cost you more money but builds good will with your patients.
  • Bundle less profitable services with higher profit ones if scheduled at the same time.
  • Think small for big good will. Adding something small, like complimentary eye cream, with a skin treatment is relatively inexpensive but always encourages customer loyalty.
  • Gift cards are always appreciated. They are easy to promote and encourage patients to return in the future.

Start Thinking About Next Holiday Season Now

Begin building up to the holiday season next year with monthly e-mail blasts beginning in the summer. Every e-mail blast promotion should include some kind of call to action with a deadline. 20% off on gift cards if purchased before September is a good idea. The time to begin thinking about open houses or promotional events away from the office is months before the event.

Also, start looking for ways your practice and staff can give something back to the community. Begin to build relationships with the local homeless shelter, Toys for Tots volunteers, and other potential focuses for next year. A little good will goes a long way toward establishing the image you want for your practice.

The Secret to Successful Promotions

  1. Keep it interesting and fun.
  2. Choose promotions that fit your target audience and practice goals.
  3. Have clear calls to action that are time sensitive (such as “valid for the month of January” or “offer expires in 30 days”).
  4. Schedule promotions at least 2 to 3 months in advance. Make sure there is plenty of time to prepare and sufficient time for excitement to build.
  5. Tie in products with treatments or treatments with a second treatment.
  6. Market your promotions to existing patients, and encourage them to refer friends and family.
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