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Organize Your Healthcare Social Networking

So we all know that social media is a great way to network with other healthcare professionals, stay up to date on healthcare news/trends and even just have some fun engaging with other like minded professionals.  But with millions of users and new social sites popping up each year, how can you effectively keep track of all your new social media friends and influencers?

Much of the power of social media stems from the relationships built while on each platform.  The social media users who actively engage and connect with others are the users who have the most success building relationships and influence.  The “power” social media networker will connect with influencers through multiple channels including:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Email
  • Blogs (theirs and yours)
  • Real life

Limiting yourself to only 1 or 2 of these will greatly limit your effectiveness.  Many people who are unreachable by email or phone will quickly respond to your tweet.  People whom you have met on Twitter will more openly accept your invitation to connect on LinkedIn or read an email from you.  This is where organization becomes key.  How do you keep track of all the users you engage with?  How do you find new influential users to engage with?  And how do you fully leverage these relationships so they extend beyond the occasional tweet?

At MDWebpro our answer to these questions resides in the Social Tab which is the latest addition to our insights tool set (screenshot below).

Our Social Tab integrates data from:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Klout
  • Blogs
  • SEOmoz Linkscape
  • Visits to your website

The social tab simplifies your social media engagement so you can quickly see who are the most engaged and influential people in your social media network.   Quickly review who from your Twitter stream has a blog and what is the authority of their blog.  Are you looking for guest blogging opportunities?  Your best opportunities will come directly from the people you are most engaged with on other social media channels.

Below are some more detailed examples of the data we present.  Here we show data on @jbselz from our Twitter stream.  Immediately we see his latest tweet and Twitter profile image.

We then see other social networks he has an account with to give us ideas on where else we might be able to engage with him.  We get an idea of his influence from his Twitter followers/following ratio and also his Klout score.  We can see how many times we have engaged him on Twitter recently with the number of @replies sent and received.  And we also see graphics showing if we are Following his account and/or are we Followed by him.

For blog metrics we will jump to data from another Tweep in our Twitter stream @jbbc.  We can see below any blogs the system could find for this user and the SEOmoz Page Authority, Domain Authority, Linking Root Domains, Total Links, Facebook Shares, Facebook Likes, Tweets, and G+1s for the blog.  We can also quickly see the latest posts on the blog to decide if we want to head on over there to check out the posts and maybe comment.

The social tab is in beta phase right now and open to a limited number of our insights users.  We will be rolling out some new features to the tab including integrated site stats so you can see when the last time your favorite peeps and tweeps were on your site.

We see a ton of potential in networking via healthcare social media and we firmly believe tools like ours will be an incredible help in fully leveraging and organizing all your social connections.  If you would like to see the social tab data for your site and social media accounts, contact us.

What tools are you using to organize your social media life?  Let us know in the comments below.

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