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Mobile Friendly Websites for Physicians and Clinics

Seizing Hold of the Opportunity…Going Mobile in 2015!


Whether you are a Physician or Dentist, Chiropractor or other healthcare provider, NOW is the time to be sure your website is mobile friendly.  There are three reasons here, but the most time sensitive is the last.  Be sure to read this.

• It validates the fact that your company is staying in the game. Here Is the game: “ 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action. More than half lead to sales. (Source: SearchEngineLand). Action is what all marketing ultimately boils down to and people take action on their mobile devices. What is astonishing is that 50% lead to sales. One source suggested that the number may be as high as 79%! That’s sales, not sales qualified leads that might become sales or market inquiries that might become sales inquiries but sales. Astonishing! That being the case, how many of those who don’t purchase might take another action- a request for more information, a quote, or perhaps download a resource. One more fact flies high in this realm: 70 percent of mobile searches lead to action within one hour. It takes a full month for the same percentage of desktop users to catch up. (Source:

• It validates and honors the way people are searching and shopping. Marketing involves messaging-sending and receiving messages to potential consumers. A company has to take into account not only the brand messaging they are trying to communicate, but there are other more indirect passive messages that a company sends. To not be found online or to have inaccurate information online is one thing. But a message sent when a search is made on a mobile device and your company shows up,but does so with a poor user interface or a landing page hat loads slowly.

• By going mobile you avoid the new “penalty box.” I refer to the algorithm that says, in effect, you remain non-mobile friendly, you lose in the rankings and carry the scarlet letter. As of April 21st Google will be doing something about this and it sounds like it will affect rankings. Currently, on a search page there is an indicator that stands out like a scarlet letter under the meta tag and simply says, “mobile-friendly” or not. They rank higher overall than non-mobile sites. Now, a person can complain about this and say, “It’s not fair, why should we be penalized for failing to have a site that is user friendly on a mobile device?” Hmm, you could say that, but upon further review one might find their answer embedded in the question, at least there may be an answer for those companies wanting to maintain some semblance of a client centered approach to search and sales.

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