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midwest facial plastics

When we first took over the Midwest Facial Plastics website it was in an all too common position. Another web design firm was billing a monthly fee for what they called “search engine optimization” but there wasn’t any real SEO taking place on the site. The list of problems we found that stood out the most were:

  • The majority of pages on the site were not optimized for any search phrases.  Due to this, they were missing large opportunities to drive targeted traffic to the site.
  •  The site was missing targeted call to actions or any call to actions at all besides the common contact us form.
  • There hadn’t been an effective link building strategy and so the site was short on incoming links and therefore didn’t rank well for the phrases it was targeting.

We immediately found the top phrases to target based not only on monthly search volume but also likeliness of conversion and then began our optimization work.  Within one month after our first optimizations we started to see noticeable improvements in site traffic from organic search.  After 6 months the trend was obvious — visits to the site from organic search had more than doubled and the pageviews from these visits had nearly tripled.

Visits to the site are great and seeing the pageviews increase tells use we are now attracting traffic that is looking for our content but the most important number is conversions.  During this same period conversions increased site wide.  One form in particular saw better than average success and conversions increased from 27 to 131 or 385%.  This means their list of names and email addresses for one service in particular increased through opt-ins by 385%.

Weekly Summary of Site Performance

Here we get a glimpse at some of our key metrics when measuring site performance. These metrics allow us to keep our finger on the pulse of the website and also measure our own success. The idea is to keep each of these metrics trending upward over time. The site recently hit 10,000 page views in a month and the only way to get to 20,000 is to keep these metrics trending upward. The graph above shows week over week numbers so we won’t see huge gains here but we do want to see an increasing trend.

Total Organic Search Visits

Between July and December the site saw an increase in total organic search visits from 432 to 764 over a 30 day period. What we enjoy about this metric is it shows a direct correlation between months when we added more optimized content to their site and months when we didn’t.

URLs Receiving Entrances Via Search

Again from July to December the site saw an increase from 28 URLs (pages) receiving search traffic to 64. What is really fun about this metric is that during this period we actually reduced the size of the site in quantity of pages. In July the site had around 150 unique urls (pages) and by December we had reduced the site to just under 70 pages. Every page on the site now has a purpose and nearly every page receives search traffic.

Non-paid Keywords Sending Search Visits

There is a residual effect to targeting a phrase…  the site will become relevant to similar phrases also. This becomes very apparent in the Non-paid Keywords Sending Search Visits graph. In December the site received 458 visits from organic (non-paid) search terms. The site only targets around 60 phrases so you can see the residual effect quite clearly here. These non-targeted keywords are fed directly into our weekly reports so we can look at the current rank for the phrase and determine if any of them are phrases we should target to improve on these results.

Total Conversions – Where the rubber meets the road

Here we see the end result of all the hard work that goes into a quality SEO campaign. You can’t improve on what you can’t measure. This graph shows the number of conversions. Conversions can vary greatly from site to site. In the cosmetic surgery world they are generally:

  • scheduling and appointment
  • filling out an online coupon
  • downloading an ebook
  • subscribing to email specials or news
  • completing the contact us form

This is where the client comes back to us and says, “it was worth the effort. Let’s do some more!”

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