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Measuring Progress in Cosmetic Surgery Inbound Internet Marketing: Part 3

There are many steps along the way from the huge pool of potential prospects using the Internet to the ones that ultimately end up giving your office a call. Measuring what is happening in all those steps is the key to success in Inbound Internet Marketing.

We have looked at the following areas where good metrics are needed in previous articles:

Here are a few more areas where good metrics are invaluable:

Email & Lead Nurturing

Database Size – This is the number of email addresses in your database that you can email. It is exceedingly important that you work at increasing this number over time, as your email database expires at a rate of about 25% per year. So if your database size is staying flat, it’s actually shrinking.

Email Opt-Out Rate – Your email opt-out rate, also known as your email unsubscribe rate, is the rate at which people select to not receive your emails by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in your emails. If this number is relatively high, meaning over +5%, take steps to better segment your email list by things like demographic information, company size, pain points — whatever is appropriate for your business. This allows you to execute smaller, more targeted email sends that offer more value to subscribers.

Delivery Rate – This tells you the percentage of your database that actually received your email in their inbox. A low delivery rate could be a sign that you have a low Sender Score.
Email Open Rate – This metric tells you what percentage of the people who received your email opened it. If you had a strong subject line and the receiver recognizes your company (or the person who sent the email), you should see a higher open rate.

Click-Through Rate – Your email Click-Through Rate tracks the percentage of people who received your email, and clicked a link within that email. Use this metric to understand how valuable the offer you sent was, or how well your link was positioned.

Campaign Conversion Rate – This metric indicates the rate at which people who received your email converted into a lead. You can use it to gauge the success of your email campaign compared to past sends. A high campaign conversion rate is the result of a targeted send with a great offer.

Public Relations & Branding

Direct Traffic – Direct traffic is the amount of traffic coming to your site as a result of people typing in into their browser. Measuring how much traffic comes to your site in this manner helps you gauge the effectiveness of your PR efforts.
Branded Search Traffic – Very similar to direct traffic, branded search traffic is the amount of traffic that came to your site as a result of a visitor Googling your company’s name, most likely because they recently “heard” of you and wanted to learn more.

Visits From Guest Blog Posts and Media Placements – How many visitors did it send to your website? Use that as your metric for success!

Overall Funnel Metrics

Site Visits – Measure overall visitors to your website from all channels — email marketing, social media, organic search, the works. This metric tells you how good your marketing team is at driving traffic to your website.

Leads Generated – Are you meeting your leads goal? Track leads generated month-to-month, as well as number of leads generated per channel, like you see below.
Patients Generated – If you aren’t tracking patients earned, how do you know how valuable your leads are? Use closed-loop analytics to determine which channels generate leads that turn into patients.

Lead Cycle Length – Do you know how long it takes for a new lead to turn into a patient? Track this and monitor how it changes over time so your sales team can prioritize their funnel, and marketing can generate more leads that convert in a shorter time span.

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