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Measuring Progress in Cosmetic Surgery Inbound Internet Marketing: Part 1

Conversions (prospects who became patients) is the ultimate indicator of the success of your cosmetics surgery Inbound Internet Marketing.  But there are many steps along the way from the huge pool of potential prospects using the Internet to the ones that ultimately end up giving your office a call. Measuring what is happening in all those steps is the key to success in Inbound Internet Marketing.

Each phase of your inbound marketing needs to be monitored. Good metrics in each of these phases will help you know what is working and what isn’t and enable to make the necessary adjustments.


Blog Traffic – Everyone wants to know how many people are visiting their blog day-to-day or month-to-month. This metric is the total number of people who are viewing your blog content. Is that number changing over time? What is the month-to-month growth rate? Are there patterns of high and low traffic?

Blog Subscribers – The number of people who are subscribing to your blog (via RSS or email) is an indicator of the value of your content. If they appreciate what you’re writing, they will subscribe to get more. Watch how this number grows over time. Are you losing subscribers? If so, what steps have you taken to regain them?

Views per Post – How many views does a particular blog post earn? Use this metric to compare posts. Does one type or post get more views than others (question posts, for example)? Learn from your successes, and use this metric to create more content that your readers enjoy.

Post Views per Contributor – If there is a certain contributor who receives more views on average than others, find out why. Is it because he has a larger social media following to promote his blog post? Is it because she wrote about a topic that garners more attention? Use this metric to generate some friendly rivalry that helps increase content quality.

Blog Post Comments – Comments are a good sign of how engaging your blog post is. You can also encourage conversation by asking an intriguing question at the end of your posts to help stir up debate.

Links per Post – Blogging is a critical component of any SEO strategy. Practices that blog get substantially more inbound links than those that do not. Look at which posts generate more inbound links, learn, and repeat.

Social Media

Social Clicks – Measure the number of clicks you receive for the links you’re posting in your social media updates. This is a good way to gauge how interesting your network finds your content, how well it’s positioned and how engaged your audience is.

Followers and Reach – Some marketers think of their social database like their email database. What is the total count of individuals that your business can reach through social channels? How does that reach change over time?

Retweets & Shares – When people really love your content, they share it with their own networks. Is your content being shared socially throughout the web? Track it through retweets and shares.

Facebook Like and Google +1 Count – Everyone likes to be liked! This metric tells you how many people like your content by clicking a “Like” button on Facebook, or “+1” button on Google+.

Percent Engaged – Of your entire possible network (your friends, and your friends’ friends), what percent is engaging with (meaning clicking, commenting on, or liking) your content? This is a good metric to understand whether people are paying attention to your content.

Check back in the days to come for more areas where good metrics are needed. These include:

  • SEO
  • Landing Pages and Lead Conversions
  • Email and Lead Nurturing
  • Public Relations and Branding
  • Overall Funnel Metrics

More help:

Make your Social Media Funnel Produce More Results

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