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MD Email Marketing : Make the Most of your Welcome Email

Producing a solid email list takes a lot of time and resources. Be sure and make the most out of your welcome email with these simple steps.

Promote your lead generation content – Include a call-to-action in your welcome email that prompts subscribers to read your latest ebook or procedure guide. This content will help you reconvert your subscribers on a landing page that can produce more information about them than just their name and email address.

Offer a consultation – Invite your new subscriber to receive a free consultation. Offer a chance to see what you have to offer without any obligation on their part.

Ask them to take a short survey – Most people love to talk about themselves, and as a marketer, you probably want to hear your subscribers talk about themselves as much as possible. Set up a “getting to know you” survey that asks them questions about themselves — nothing too personal, of course. It will help you gather lead intelligence on a group you know little about, so you’ll be able to segment your email list in a better way and target your content better.

Ask what kind of content they want to receive – You want your new subscriber to stay active on your email list, so use a questionnaire to ask them what they want to read from you. Use the opportunity to extend the question from email content to your blog and website content as well.

Show off your other email lists – Use your welcome email to promote your other email content that might be of interest to your newest fan.

Encourage them to become a social fan or follower – Speaking of your newest fan; are your subscribers officially your fans or followers on social media? Ask them to like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter so your social media marketing benefits from your email marketing program, too.

Offer something free – Be creative. It could be a trial size sample product or one free Botox treatment.

Give them a tour – Put together a virtual tour of your clinic and link to it in the email.

Send them to your blog – Give your most popular or most recent blog posts some visibility by including a call-to-action to visit your blog. And of course your blog will have plenty of calls-to-action asking them to subscribe or convert on other offers.

Invite them to drop by – Ask them to attend a free webinar you’re hosting or an open house.

Leverage your content archives – If your subscriber opted in to receive some sort of content from you, show them what they’ve already missed. For example, if they signed up to receive your monthly newsletter, direct them to an archive of your past editions for them to peruse.

Have them download your mobile app – There’s a good chance your subscriber is reading his or her email on a mobile device. If you have a mobile app, what better time to have them download that, too?

Show off positive patient reviews – Patient reviews are a natural way to encourage those who are relatively new to your brand that you are worth consulting.

Ask subscribers to contact your office – These subscribers are feeling pretty good about you right now; why not capitalize on those good feelings with an invitation to make an appointment?

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