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Marketing Coordinator Position

Marketing Coordinator

General: DSI seeks a marketing coordinator who embraces our vision, values and work purposefully to execute the DSI marketing plan. The Marketing coordinator will work with and under the oversight of the Sales and Marketing Manager who would share in some  execution of the following core tasks:

Specific functions:

Daily expectations would center around involvement in some aspect of the following:

– Help in overall coordination of our “macro” and “micro” targeted marketing

– Webinar coordination / promotion / hosting ( up to 2/mo.)

– Creation and management of lead nurturing campaigns through Mailchimp (targeting  different groups

at least twice weekly or as determined by marketing plan)

– Coordinating / scheduling of speaking engagements for us.

– Coordinating / scheduling / attending of trade shows

– Ebook creation and management- 1/mo.

– Coordinating / management / monitoring of display advertising (Remarketing)

– Attaining media mentions

– Constant thoughtfulness of what we can be sending to our contacts and what experience the visitors to our website are having and how it can be improved.

-This person would likely spend a good amount of time in Insights and Google Analytics for both our sites on a daily basis.

– Help in creation and quality control of collateral materials


Overall Purpose:

-To ensure that our branding and message are consistent over all media.

-Targeted and specific input and monitoring of social media- tied to specific, measured results.

-Ensuring all media and to work in conjunction collaterals are reviewed monthly to ensure messaging, brand etc. are all in alignment.  Keep up to date materials on printer drive.

– Ensuring the both company websites are up to date with all current company activities, strong landing pages and  monitoring success of CTA to ensure MQL development.

-Meet regularly with the sales department team to ensure smooth transition and timely and ongoing communication on all MQL’s

-Manage Nutshell tagging to ensure all tags are current and information is complete and up to date for each listing

– Help on fulfillment side of some of DSI services offered (content development of market qualified leads (mqls) for the , interviews etc.)

-Regularly contribute ideas and thought leadership to any pertinent marketing and sales development discussion


Skills/Gifting needed:

·         Excellent organizational management skills. Attention to detail a must

·         Timely in execution of duties

·         Superior written and verbal communication skills

·         The majority of this work  will be “inside” working behind the scenes.

·         Listens and takes direction well while also being willing to share insights and thoughts

In their company-wide participation this person would be expected to:

– Meet regularly with the Sales and Marketing Manager to ensure execution of job related responsibilities.

– Attend weekly DSU (Digital Solutions University). These are normally held weekly and function as a means to equip and educate in our industry as well as provide relationship touch points within the company.

-Participate in any other required meetings, quarterly or special event meetings.

-Optional (but encouraged) weekly Business to the Glory of God meeting. Here the word of God isbrought to bear upon our daily life as servants of Jesus in the workplace.

Hours: Our office is open from 8-5pm M-Fri.  The expectation is that this would be mostly an in office position. The majority of time will be tied to the activities listed above.

Reports to: The Sales and Marketing Manager

Additional: Will be asked to take DISC profile

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Non compete:  This employee will be asked to sign a one year non compete  agreement.

If interested, please contact Paul Dreblow at (952) 703-3996 or

DSI Core Values

Do what we say: We set clear expectations internally with our peers and externally with customers and we make every effort to fulfill those expectations on-time and as described.  Doing what we say we are going to do is the first step in establishing trust within the organization and with our clients.

Customer service: Every paycheck coming out of the company is tied directly to work we are doing for customers or have recently completed.  Our customers sign our paychecks.  To continue receiving paychecks, we will excel at customer service.

Thought leadership: Our industry is constantly changing and our clients look to us for unique insight on how our industry and areas of specialty within our industry best applies to their business.  Our ability to provide value to our customers and prospects through sharing our experience, thoughts, ideas, and best practices will position us to maintain high client retention and differentiate us from the competition.

People/relationships: Our clients and coworkers are people made in the image of God.  They each deserve our respect and thoughtfulness to do what is in their best interest.

Confident humility: We know our industry.  We know our products and we believe in the results they provide.  We are confident in what we do.  But we are also humble.  We are always learning.  We understand this is an ever changing industry and we are not afraid to take risks, make mistakes, admit our mistakes and figure out the best path forward.

We hire, fire, review and reward based on these


Reason for Being:  Investing in people to develop their gifts and careers to the glory of God

Niche Inbound Marketing and Development

Core Focus:  Inbound Marketing and Development through people, technology and processes.

10 Year Target $100M Revenue, 30% NM, 1,000 employees

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