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How to Market Healthcare Services Part 2

This is part 2 in the series How to Market Healthcare Services.  If you missed last weeks part 1, you can read it here.

Last week we looked at how marketing in healthcare has changed over the past 10 – 15 years with a large shift towards web based or interactive marketing and a need for quality content.

Today we are going to look at what goes into quality content.  If you are going to invest in creating content for your website, it pays to first do a little strategy and research so your efforts are not wasted.  Traditionally this strategy has been called Keyword Research in both Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization world.

Keyword Research means:

  1. Identifying keyword opportunities relevant to your products and services
  2. Prioritizing those opportunities
  3. Tracking the performance of those opportunities over time

Years ago much of this was a manual process for us and very costly.  But over the years various tools have been developed to greatly simplify the tasks.  Today I will use some examples from our own Insights platform to show how we perform keyword research.

Below is a screenshot showing our keyword summary data for the phrase ‘cosmetic surgery marketing ideas.’  Most of the sites we work with will have 100 – 1000 of keywords or phrase opportunities which we are tracking each week.

To start we give each phrase a score based on our own formula of the difficulty in ranking for this phrase.  There are always a lot of phrases representing a lot of traffic but if your particular site isn’t quite strong enough to rank for those highly competitive phrases, it’s usually better to start small.  And this is exactly where our Keyword Difficulty (KWD) score comes into play.

The Content Grade is an A through F grade of how well your site is already targeting a phrase.  When you are looking to add new content, generally you want to expand on the phrases you are targeting instead of continually targeting the same phrases.  There are exceptions to this rule but generally that is the case.  It seems there are always new phrase opportunities to go after and seeing the current content grade for each phrase helps to quickly make a decision on what content is needed.

When prioritizing phrases to target we also look at monthly search volume for that phrase and how your site is currently ranking for that phrase.  Even though you aren’t specifically targeting a phrase, your site could still be ranking for that phrase.  This is why ranking and traffic data are important pieces to the marketing puzzle and critical metrics used for prioritizing how your resources should be used.

In the image above you can see that there is currently a page ranking in Google for this phrase and this page increased it’s rank by 6 spots over the past week.   By viewing the graphical data we can compare when the content grade for this phrase changed on the site, when the page began ranking and how many visitors the phrase has brought to the site.  This data helps us to ensure that the process is working for each individual site.

After the Keyword research is complete and an article is published to the site, the goal is content that ranks in the search engines.  Below you can see this particular article ranking #6 on Google.

The key to marketing healthcare services and the true beauty to marketing these services online is the ability to track results.  Much of what we discussed today boils down to research and organization.  Trying to collect any of this data without the help of software is a futile effort these days.  You simply can’t effectively target and track hundreds or thousands of phrases on a site without the help of software.  Next week we will take a further look at how the right marketing software can help to turn these new website visitors into marketing qualified leads.


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