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How to Market Healthcare Services Part 1

Marketing healthcare services was once about Yellow Page ads, direct mail and billboards — not so much anymore. If you look at your own behavior when researching products and services, you will probably notice yellow pages, direct mail and billboards play a much smaller role in your decision than they did just 10 or 15 years ago. Today we are in the age of the informed buyer. And buyers get informed online. So it only makes sense that a majority of your efforts to market your healthcare services should be focused online.

Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project revealed that:

  • 80% of internet users have looked online for information about any of 15 health topics such as a specific disease or treatment. This translates to 59% of all adults. Tweet This
  • 34% of internet users, or 25% of adults, have read someone else’s commentary or experience about health or medical issues on an online news group, website, or blog. Tweet This
  • 25% of internet users, or 19% of adults, have watched an online video about health or medical issues. Tweet This
  • 24% of internet users, or 18% of adults, have consulted online reviews of particular drugs or medical treatments. Tweet This
  • 18% of internet users, or 13% of adults, have gone online to find others who might have health concerns similar to theirs. Tweet This
  • 16% of internet users, or 12% of adults, have consulted online rankings or reviews of doctors or other providers. Tweet This
  • 15% of internet users, or 11% of adults, have consulted online rankings or reviews of hospitals or other medical facilities. Tweet This

So how do you fully leverage this wave of consumer attention that has flooded the web?  Again the answer can be found in your own behavior.  When you search online for a product or service, what exactly are you looking for?  And the answer is information!

So logically the answer to attracting the attention of consumers online is to provide information or content.   And as Google so gracefully taught us last year, they aren’t looking for just any old content.

As you can see in the Google screenshot above, when writing quality content, the first step is still to focus on targeted keywords.  All of the top search results for “quality content” above include the keywords “quality” and/or “content” and/or “quality content”.

When marketing healthcare services, step #1 is still Keyword Research.  Adding content to your site for phrases nobody is interested in is mostly a waste of time.  This holds true for paid search traffic as well as organic search traffic.  The first step is always to find the keyword opportunities.  Next week we will continue the discussion with what to do after you’ve identified your keywords.

Continue reading part 2 in the series on How to Market Healthcare Services



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