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Helpful Mobile Social Media Statistics

Have you ever wondered how practical social media is to our marketing or business plan? Is it actually a useful tool, or is it simply something we do in order to pass the time? Can a company find a way to make social media work for them instead of just pouring hours into posting updates?

I posted about social media last week and I wanted to follow up with a compilation of statistics about mobile social media.
Social media is one of the most commonly utilized aspects of mobile devices. The only aspects of the average smart phone that may be used more are the built in features like phone calls, text messaging, and taking photos.

  • The Facebook is not only the most popular social network of all time, but it is also the most downloaded app of all time for iPhone and Android!
  • Instagram, the popular photo sharing/editing comes in at the 3rd most downloaded iPhone app, and is in the top 20 most downloaded Android apps.
  • Twitter is the 8th most downloaded app on the iTunes app store and 6th for Android.

Taking a look at Facebook:

  • Facebook reported that of 2013 first quarter revenue ($1.25 billion) 30% came from mobile ($375 million)
  • Facebook has seen 54% increase of mobile active users in 2013.
  • There are currently 715 million active mobile Facebook users


  • Twitter is now saying that 60 percent of its 140-million-person active user base accesses the service via mobile devices.


  • 16 billion photos have been shared to date
  • 1 billion likes happen each day
  • 130 million users are now on the service
    (Danny Sullivan,


  • Currently there are over 225 million users
  • Users are from over 200 different countries/territories
  • 27% of LinkedIn visits are through mobile devices

Obviously, these are not all of the statistics that one could gather on the topic of mobile social media, but this does give a good overview of a few of the top social media sites and how their users are accessing them through mobile devices.


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