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Healthcare Social Media Week in Review: November 5, 2012

With Hurricane Sandy fresh on everyone’s mind as well as the upcoming presidential election, the way information is relayed through social media is just fascinating.  Ethics, preparedness, and disseminating information is a heavy task but one that the healthcare community is well equipped for.  Here are this week’s five healthcare social media articles that made a splash in the healthcare community.

  • The power of social media during emergency situations became extremely apparent as Hurricane Sandy touched down on the East Coast.  Ahava Leigtag takes a look at how creating a disaster response plan is imperative in healthcare and five ways to manage emergencies with social media.  Health Emergencies:  5 Top Ways to Manage with Social Media
  • How useful can social media be to the healthcare community?  The possibilities are endless depending on who is engaging and what information is being shared.  An interesting piece that raises the question, Does Social Media Advance Medical Knowledge?
  • Curious about social media best practices for healthcare institutions?  Matt Mattox has put together a great post that discusses how healthcare campuses are using social media and doing it well.  Social Media in Healthcare: 5 Best Practices
  • Engagement is one of the many wonderful aspects of social media.  Having the digital wavelengths open between patients, physicians, and other healthcare members is one of the most intriguing things about HCSM.  Check out this Health Care Communication News post titled: 5 Ways to Start Engaging Patients on Social Media
  • Learning the do’s and don’ts of HCSM can be extremely intimidating.  Yet, the necessity of social media in healthcare is growing with each tweet.  If you are curious about social media ethics, this post is for you.  The Social Media Physician Code of Ethics

Do you have any additional thoughts on this week’s Healthcare Social Media Week in Review? Did we miss something? Leave a comment below, send us a message on Twitter @MDWebPro, let us know on Facebook, or on Google +.  We’d love to hear from you!


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Stuart Wainstock is a former educator who has taught overseas and in the United States. Stuart began blogging while living overseas as a means to communicate with family and friends back home. He is a contributing author to the MDWebPro blog. Stuart is an avid follower of technology, and their constantly changing trends. He also enjoys discovering new and excited music, as well as photography. You can follow Stuart on Twitter @stuartwainstock,@MDWebPro and Google+

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