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Healthcare Marketing Services

Medical Website Design and Development

A great website starts with a great design. Customers on the web have developed an incredibly short attention span and an incredible ability to validate a site within seconds.
Medical Website Design and Development
If your site doesn’t convey a professional image and the right content immediately, visitors will find a site that does. The back button is all too convenient when a site isn’t up to par.  Think of your website as you think of your waiting room.  You want your visitors to know you are professional and that the experience they receive on their visit has been well thought out.  No one wants to come to a website and feel like they just turned down a dark alley.   Your credibility is at stake.  Our design process is straight forward and through our experience we know what leads to an effective website.  Along with our design process, our design pricing is straight forward.

  • New site design or redesign starts at $7,800
  • Transfer of existing site content to content management system $5–50/page
  • Creation of new site content $200/page

There are always variables such as photography and custom graphic for banners and calls-to-action but on average our new sites run between $7,000 – $10,000 total and we complete the process in 60 days.

Medical Website Marketing

After your great looking and well-structured website is up and running, you can’t ignore the site if you want it to drive revenue for your practice from the web. A well tuned website requires regular review and improvement. The key here is determining who is responsible for the regular review, recommendations and improvement. The proper resources need to be allocated to fully leverage the latest trends in web marketing. When you see stats such as:

  • Women between the ages of 55 and 65 make up the fastest growing segment of Facebook users.
  • 14% of consumers say they trust advertisements. 78% say they trust the recommendations of friends on Facebook and Twitter.

How do you turn those stats into action items in your marketing plan? This is where our marketing packages shine. We can train your team on how to fully leverage the web or we can take over your web marketing and you hold us accountable for results.

Inbound Advisor

It all starts with our Inbound Advisor package. Our Inbound Advisor package begins with access to our prHealthcare marketing dashboard 1oprietary Healthcare marketing dashboard 2Healthcare marketing dashboard 3MDWebpro Insights software platform. Insights integrates data from many sources to provide:

  • Competitive Tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Site Optimization Reports
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Social Networking
  • Website Traffic Statistics (Integrated with Google Analytics)

In a nutshell, our Insights package provides us with tons of data on our client sites and their competition to help us provide:

  • Actionable Recommendations
  • Accountability Statistics
  • Clear ROI Calculations

Data drives web marketing. We firmly believe you can’t improve on what you can’t measure. And that is exactly why we have invested and will continue to invest in our Insights platform to enable us to drive results for our clients.

We can then take that data and provide a dashboard view for our clients so they can stay on top of our results.  This allows our clients to hold us accountable for the traffic and conversions on their sites.  Many agencies will setup Google Analytics for their clients and stop their (and based on the data from the hundreds of sites we monitor many agencies don’t even do that) — our data goes many steps further.

Not only do we collect the data but we regularly review the data and our recommendations with our clients each month.  And through our video conferencing software, we do it efficiently and virtually with clients around the world.

Having great data is one thing but acting on it is what separates great sites from the rest of the pack. With our Inbound Advisor package we provide monthly training and consulting through our high definition video conferencing software between your team and ours. We will walk you through the data and train your team on exactly what needs to be done to continue improving results.

What our experience has shown is that site owners are either not collecting the data at all OR they are collecting it but no one is regularly reviewing the data to make recommendations for improvement.  Our Inbound Advisor package handles both and it starts at only $500/mo.  For those who want to do it themselves, we’ll even train your staff on what they need to do to improve. Learn more about Inbound Advisor and try it for Free!


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