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Google+ Hangouts w/ YouTube Physician Collaboration

Yesterday Google rolled out a new YouTube appintegration into it’s Google+ Hangouts feature.  Users running the YouTube application will be able to  sync videos with other Hangout participants.  Medical videos will take on a whole new life.  This new integration sounds like a very interesting way for physicians to collaborate on diagnosing an issue, or communicating with a group of specialists for expert opinions.

Everyone attending the Hangout can add videos directly from YouTube into the discussion, allowing for different surgical methods or techniques to be critiqued or shared.  With this new incorporation, does the idea of creating a YouTube channel for your clinic or practice sound appealing?

What are your thoughts on this new integration?  Is this a feature you would use in your practice?  What about participating in a medical webinar hosted on Google+ Hangouts?

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Stuart Wainstock is a former educator who has taught overseas and in the United States. Stuart began blogging while living overseas as a means to communicate with family and friends back home. He is a contributing author to the MDWebPro blog. Stuart is an avid follower of technology, and their constantly changing trends. He also enjoys discovering new and excited music, as well as photography. You can follow Stuart on Twitter @stuartwainstock,@MDWebPro and Google+

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